Friday, September 2, 2016

The Jennifer Show judges

This is my thirty sixth post with the Jennifer Show tag. I've blogged about the origins of this show, the location and the innovative championship structure. I've discussed some of the extra activities we have planned for show day, plus I've written lots and lots and lots of posts about the prizes.

You might think I have nothing left to say, but actually, I've yet to mention perhaps the most important and the Jennifer Show: our judging roster.

Jenn and I are both firm believers that a show is only as good as its judges. Since we wanted to hold the best show the hobby has ever seen, our first priority, beyond even finding a show hall, was hiring a top notch panel of judges.

We started by making a dream list of judges, concentrating on people with well known and well respected hobby resumes who share a judging philosophy similar to our own. Most of the people on our list were artists, but beyond that they were thinkers. These were people who've shaped the model horse hobby into what it is today, people who understand the difference between anatomy and conformation and recognize that judging models is completely different than judging real horses.

It took some doing, but I strongly believe we have assembled one of the best judging panels in the history of the hobby. Without further ado, I would like to present the Jennifer Show Judges:

Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig (Artist Resin Breed),
Liesl Dalpe (Artist Resin Workmanship),
Lesli Kathman (Custom Breed, Custom Glaze Breed, Mini Breed),
Mindy Berg (Custom Workmanship, Custom Glaze Workmanship, Mini Workmanship)... 
and Sheila Bishop (Performance). 
Thank you so much for judging, Sarah, Liesl, Lesli, Mindy and Sheila. I am confident that you will do a spectacular job!


  1. I'm so excited to have these ladies working with us. We truly were able to get an All Star lineup. It would absolutely not be any show worth mentioning without them as part of it!

  2. I love Leisl and Mindy! Leisl sold me my first unpainted resin (and she helped me brainstorm what I wanted to do with him and how to do it), and Mindy is an incredible friend and artist who has helped me to learn about pastels! I wish I could be there, maybe next year!

    1. There won't be a Jennifer Show next year. This is far too much work to be an annual event. However, we do have the hall reserved for 2018!

  3. Wholly smokes! That's a "Who's Who" in the model horse world. Very cool. Congratulations on snagging the best.