Monday, September 5, 2016

So fast

Every time I post a series of saddle building photos, I know someone's going to comment on the speed with which that saddle is built.
I get it. When I'm making trees on Monday then showing off finished saddles on Friday, that does seem fast. 
It's not.
When I'm making saddles, my average studio day runs six to eight hours and sometimes longer. It's extremely slow, concentrated work, that leaves me with sore shoulders and eyestrain. Nothing about it feels fast. Not to the person doing the work, anyway.
A couple days ago, Jennifer Scott sent me these photos of the second Jennifer Show raffle Rajah. He is absolute perfection from the tips of his curly ears...
to the soles of his beautifully painted hooves. 
How does she do it? I swear she just started painting this horse a week ago.
She is so fast!


  1. I hear ya. It takes me about three days to get a tooled Western saddle done...if I work my face and fingers off! That said, it always feels so fast when others in the hobby show their progress. How do they do it?

    Also PRETTY. Not everyone can do a chestnut justice. YUM. And those hooves!

  2. Jennifer, you are evil.

    All these prizes are taunting me! One day I need to start live showing!

  3. Oops. It called me unknown

  4. Wow, he's gorgeous.