Saturday, November 30, 2019

November horses, Samson

Long-time readers may have noticed an old familiar face in the middle of today's first post.
Eight years ago, I leased a Welsh Cob dressage pony named Trillium. She lived at Big Iron Ranch in Watkins, Colorado, and her room-mate was a big pinto gelding named Samson.
I'm not usually a draft horse girl, but Samson was blessed with a serious case of the cutes and the personality to match. It was impossible not to love him.
I took almost as many pictures of Samson as I did of Trilli, and he was a fan favorite every time he appeared on this blog.
Samson left Big Iron sometime in 2012. I lost track of him for several years, before spotting him at a local stable in 2017. I've seen him periodically since then, but always from afar.
Earlier this month, I heard some of my barn friends talking about the big, cute, new horse in the gelding field. I walked over to see for myself, and it was Samson!
Of course, I was absolutely delighted to see him.
He's as cute as ever,
and he still has the best eyes.
I've now met his new owners, who are very nice.
I've told them about my history with Samson, and warned them that there will be a lot of photos.
So, so many photos!
It's been strange and wonderful to look out at the field and see one of my old favorite horses standing amidst my so many of my current favorite horses. Welcome to Kenlyn, Samson. I am so happy you're here.

November horses

Despite multiple significant snowstorms, November was a pretty good horse month. 
Kenlyn Psyclone
Weather cancelled a lot of rides, but I still managed to look through six different pairs of ears. 
Stealth, Guaranteed, Escapade
Cisco, Lucy, Scarlett
I also spent a ridiculous amount of time grooming.
Oh, Lucy
This is the worst part of winter weather. I don't mind the snow and cold nearly as much as I mind the mud it leaves in its wake.
At least the snow is pretty.
Yesterday we had snow and frozen fog. It was extremely cold, but so very beautiful.
After we gave out all the carrots, I spent a little extra time in the gelding field taking pictures of Cricket, 
and Thunder.
Here's a really nice sequence of Thunder rolling.
November was a pretty good horse month, but I hope December - or at least the first half of it! - will be a little bit warmer!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Carrot Thanksgiving

Mary Jo's neighborhood food bank had ninety six pounds of carrots that needed to be disposed of immediately.
She picked up half of them and brought them to the barn for the first ever Carrot Thanksgiving.
Everyone got carrots.
And then everyone distributed the carrots. 
We literally walked around the barn and gave each horse a carrot.
The horses thought this was great.
This is what the barn aisle looks like on Carrot Thanksgiving.
Most of the carrots were distributed in a traditional manner.
Then Mary Jo decided that Lucy needed special treatment.
Lady and the Tramp. 
Lucy is pretending that wasn't fun, but really she loved it. 
After about an hour, we were down to our last carrots. 
Since the horses had had enough for one day, we walked these up to the show barn and left them there for the evening crowd. 
Despite the subfreezing temperatures and frozen fog, this was a really fun day at the barn. Long live Carrot Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 28, 2019


While it's true that I'd rather be in the saddle or making saddles, I can usually prepare a Thanksgiving meal without incident. 
Not this year. This year the dogs were the only Buxtons to get turkey on their plates.
Oh, well. At least the pie was good! 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Other goodies from Kari

If you know me at all, you know I didn't just buy a couple pairs of English stirrups from Handcrafted By Kari's Etsy Shop.
I also bought one pair of Western stirrups,
a really nifty bridle rack,
two manure forks and a rake. 
These are so cool, and they fit perfectly into the tool stand Bobbie gave me.
I do kind of wish I had bought a red manure fork, though. Maybe next time!
It seems as if there is nothing that can not be bought in 1:9 scale. What a wonderful time it is to be a model horse hobbyist!