Monday, September 26, 2016

TJS English Performance, part two

By the midway point of the English Performance division at the Jennifer Show one thing was abundantly clear: Tiffany Purdy's PHF Ranger Dongle was having a really good day. This did not come as a surprise. Tiffany is a talented and experienced performance shower with a long history of rising to the occasion at important shows. With a saddle on the line, I knew she'd be bringing her A game.
Erin Corbett is also a seasoned and tough competitor...
so I was equally unsurprised to see her models picking up the next highest placings. 
Margaret Balch was right there, too, along with Teresa Buzzell, Niki Hertzog, Fabian Rodriguez, Brenda Summers, Mary Vinyard, Allie Davidson and Mackenzie Purdy. Truly the competition at the show was top caliber. Ribbons of any color were a major accomplishment!
Even the tiny, four horse Saddleseat class was tough. This was won by Teresa's Zhuzhing.
Mary's classic scale entry included an older tack set of mine. It was nice to see it again!
Dressage was next. 
Ranger Dongle won this one, too. 
Niki's Quarter Horse placed fifth wearing the tooled English saddle that Erin and I made in 2014. It was good to see this one again, too! 
I never did find out who owns this Windfall, but he was another one of my favorites. My first serious performance horse was a Windfall, and I have a real soft spot for that resin.
The division closed with an Other Performance class. Entries ranged from basic... 
to complex... 
and all of them... 
were excellent. 
Ranger Dongle's Dalmatian Road Trials set-up placed first... 
and he was the clear choice for the English Division Champion Horse title.
Erin's ES Mr. Purdtastic won the English Division Reserve Champion Horse award, and combined with Treats?! to net Erin the English Division Reserve Champion Shower award.
Once again, Sandy picked up the Champion Shower title, this time showng a mere six horses on her way to victory. 
Two down, three to go--Western Performance is next!


  1. What entry is Treats?! doing in Other Performance?

  2. I'm pretty sure that Grey Windfall is Brenda Summer's horse.

    1. Yes, it's been confirmed. That's Hugo Boss owned by Brenda Summers. He's a really nice horse and she shows him well. I was happy to see him on the table at the Jennifer Show.

    2. Thanks Jennifer! :) I have been showing Hugo for many years now, I'll be sure to tell him he has a fan! lol