Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tools postscript

After Dad died, my sister and I spent an afternoon in his workshop, taking pictures and remembering him. My mom had told us that we could each choose a few small things to take home with us. After a lot of consideration, I'd selected a pair of calipers, a spool of waxed thread...
and a large awl with a beautiful wood handle.
The calipers and thread came home in my carry-on, but I didn't think the TSA would look kindly on the awl. Since I wasn't willing to risk confiscation, I had my Mom mail it to me later. It arrived safe and sound, and I tucked it away in my studio. I didn't know when I'd have the occasion to use an awl that size, but I wanted to have it close at hand.

As it turned out, I didn't have to wait long.

The very next day, Seth was installing a new-to-me cabinet in my studio. 
He asked if I had an awl, and I said, "Yes, I do."

"Not a dinky little tack making awl," he clarified. "I need something bigger than that."

"I know," I said, as I handed him Dad's awl.

He took it in his hands and gave it a long, admiring look. "Where did we get this?" he asked.

"It was Dad's," I told him.

He looked at it again and said, "Tom has nice tools."

Yes. Yes, he does.


  1. Your dad does have beautiful tools! Never feel bad about posting these sorts of things, I for one enjoy the humanity of them as much as the model-y stuff. Many hugs and good thoughts! I hope that the Jennifer Show helps to bring more light and love into your world!

  2. Your posts about your dad's tools resonate with me because I kept some of my dad's tools after he passed away. I cherish them. I still feel his presence when I use them, which is often. He took up making jewelry with found objects in his later years and those tools translate easily into my hobby projects. He was my biggest supporter and helped me out immensely when I wanted to start painting models with an airbrush. It was he who put together my first compressor/tank set-ups. Yeah, lots of good memories of my dad which continue fresh in my mind today because his tools and essence surround me.

  3. My late father was an avid tool collected and hobby craftsman.He had a workshop full of quality, well-used and cared for tools. I took some home with me after he died too including a hunting knife he used. I can relate to these posts. The awl will bring back fond memories every time you use it.

  4. My mom gave a lot of my dad's tools to a church for a fundraiser but my brother got a few items. I don't think he uses them since he's not very handy, but I think he likes having them around. I know he has our dad's cell phone and was keeping it active so he could hear his voice every now and then. I don't know if he still does that or not.

    Makes me want to send my dad a text message that says 'slurp'. It was a weird little game he and I played.

  5. Hugs. I inherited all my Dad's tools and I get so much comfort every time I use them.

  6. having an object that was obviously well loved and well used by a loved one is so special, I have a tool chest made by my granddad which triggers some special memories.

  7. This is my new favourite post of yours. Thank you.