Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November horses: Olive

For the last several years, I've closed most months with a real horse round-up post. Some of these were focused on a single horse. Others featured pictures of a whole multitude of equine friends.


Can you guess which kind of month this is?

Olive and I are now fifteen days into our official partnership.
It's going well.
Our second week together has been filled with trail walks...
...and lots of bareback rides in the ring.
She's becoming more and more comfortable with the hustle and bustle of her new home...
and has met her future trail buddies.
It will be better when we have a saddle that fits her, but honestly, bareback is fine for now. It's probably kept me from trying to advance too quickly.
Here's the first "between the ears" photo on Olive. It's not much, but it's also everything.
For posterity, here are some conformation photos of my girl as she looked at the beginning of our partnership. She's very fluffy, fat and definitely out of shape. 
It will be interesting to see how her body changes over time.
For now, however, I'm trying really hard to stay in moment and not think too much about the future.
I waited a long time for this pony.
I intend to enjoy every single one of our moments together.

Dover by Maire

Because of work and family obligations, I also missed Maire Lanzafane's Black Friday sales drop.

Normally this would have been devastating, but as luck would have it, I already had a StudioMaire order in the works. It arrived today, and look!
There's always been a lot of overlap between my real horse and model horse lives, so as soon as I got the job at Dover, I knew I needed some tiny Dover pads.
I asked Maire to make them white and Dover green. I love how she did that in two entirely different ways.
Thank you so much, Maire. As always, your pads are the best!

Monday, November 29, 2021

Black Friday postscript

It was the first - and so far only - day since Olive's arrival that I was not able to spend time with her. I was bemoaning that fact, and Carol generously offered to visit her for me. 
She fed Olive her breakfast and sent me lots of proof of life photos.
Some of them looked like this.
There was also a cute video of Olive eating an apple.

After Carol took care of Olive, Mary Jo and Karen took care of Carol with a trip to our favorite post-ride watering hole. They sent me photos of that, too.
Carol flew home to Mississippi today, and I already miss her. Please come back soon, Carol. I might need help with Olive again.

Black Friday

 I had to work on Black Friday.

I missed Anne Field's Semi-Live Sale and pretty much all the other hobby Black Friday sales.
behind the scenes at Anne's Black Friday sale
This would have been disappointing if I worked somewhere else.
Earlier in the week, we received several palettes of inventory from some of our Black Friday featured vendors, including LeMieux.
LeMieux makes all those matchy matchy horse and rider outfits that we all love or hate.
Right before we opened the first box, I said, "I'll be fine as long as there isn't any olive green."
So now I've got a pile of LeMieux products hanging out on the employee hold shelf while I decide if Olive needs brushing boots, polo wraps or - as Teresa suggests - both.
I don't even have a saddle that fits her yet. 
Clearly I can not be trusted in Dover, alone or otherwise.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Buxton-Beutel Thanksgiving

It had been four long years since my best friend, Carol, and I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner together.

At first, I thought it was going to be a small affair, just my family, Carol and maybe one of Carol's kids. 
Carol, Olive and Cara
Then Ryan asked it he could invite his friend, Curtis.
Ryan and Curtis
James extended an invitation to his friend, Hannah, and his girlfriend, Maya...
Hannah, Maya and James
and Carol's son, Nate, daughter, Cara, and grand-dog, Riley, all put in an appearance.
It was a full house.
Nate, Carol, Ryan, James, Maya, Hannah, Seth, Jennifer
It was amazing.
Hannah, Cara, Nate, Carol, Ryan, Darcy, James and Emma under the table
I am so thankful we were able to this again.
There have been a lot of wonderful Buxton-Beutel Thanksgivings, but I think this might have been the best one.
Let's do it again next year, Carol, and then every year after that for the next several decades, okay?

Thursday, November 25, 2021

So thankful

On Tuesday, I drove to the airport and picked up Carol

She came bearing gifts.
The last two days have been a blur of CarolOliveSethRyanJamesFriendsDogsWork&Food. Tonight, we're hosting our biggest Thanksgiving in years, and I am so thankful. This hasn't been the easiest year, but right now in this moment, things are really, really good. I hope they are good for you as well. Thank you for all the love and support. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Circle C Girl Scout Show

Today it's back to model horses with this really great post by Stephanie Blaylock. Thank you, Stephanie!

Circle C Girl Scout Show 

by Stephanie Blaylock

People always ask how do we bring new young people into the hobby, especially young people who have never heard of model horse showing and don’t own models? Here's one way.

Last weekend, program director, Cathy Thacker, and I held a model horse as part of our our Girl Scout programming at Circle C Equestrian Center, located in central North Carolina. We stripped the regular show format down to the bare basics and used donated Breyer models.
We sorted the models by breed type and marked them with colored yarn. Each table of girls received one horse of each breed type.
This was a great system that was easy to understand
Books were provided so the girls could research breeds for their documentation.
Hobby literature and breed lists, too.
First class!
The girls surprised me with their breeds!
Cute ribbons and cheering for the winners was very exciting!
Winners! And more impressive breed assignments.
There was lots of trying.
Someone really, really enjoyed their research!
Everyone had a great time.
Happy girls and future hobbyists?
We can only hope!