Monday, November 30, 2015

Liliana and Trooper

Every horse girl needs a model horse collection, so after we were done riding, I presented Liliana with her first Breyer.
She immediately named him Trooper, and he stayed by her side for the rest of the day. 
She even took him to see the lights at the Christmas house on Carol's street.
We didn't talk about the model horse hobby at all, but I think she's a natural born photo shower.  
She kept placing Trooper on the ground and asking me to take his photo.
 Friday was more of the same.
Everywhere Lilie went, Trooper went, too.
"Aunt Jennifer! Aunt Jennifer! Take Trooper's picture!"
Happy to oblige.
I love my niece!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Best Thanksgiving ever

For her seventh birthday, Seth's niece, Liliana, asked for a pony. 

She didn't get one, but she did get the next best thing--a birthday ride. When I saw the pictures on Facebook, I told Seth, "We need to get that girl to Colorado!" One thing led to another, and, with Carol's help, we were able to invite the entire Buxton family to spend Thanksgiving with us.

They arrived Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, they brought a cold front with them. It was twenty five degrees and snowing on Thursday morning. This may have deterred most people, but Lilie and I are horse girls. We're not afraid of a little cold. We bundled up and headed out to the barn.
I check all "my" horses every time I go to the barn, so our first stop was Sprite's stall.
It was love at first sight.  
Then we caught up with Santana and his owner, Mindy.
We got him ready and led him to the ring.
Up to this point, Lilie had been absolutely fearless. However, she was understandably nervous when it came time to climb aboard such a big horse.
Because of that, the first part of her ride...
was all about getting her to relax.
 Once she was comfortable, we practiced walking, 
and walking again. 
We walked with one hand in the air... 
and we walked over poles. 
Then we practiced steering around cones.
 Since Lilie was doing so well...
we decided to go for a little ride outside the arena. 
We walked to the parking lot where Lilie's dad was waiting with her little sister, Ivelyse. 
Then it was off to the twenty runs to check on Goldie and Chino.
By this time, Lilie's fear had vanished. She was completely at home on Santana's back. 
On that note I decided it was time to call it a day. Although Lilie insisted she was fine, I could see the cold was beginning to take a toll on her.
We led Santana back to his pasture.
and fed him a couple treats.
Then she leaned into me and whispered through blue lips and chattering teeth, "Can I ride Sprite now?" 

It's official: Liliana is a true horse girl!
I love my niece!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My hobby family, part four

Seth's parents left this morning, and his brother and his family followed suit a couple hours ago. The holiday part of the holiday weekend is officially over, so this is the last of the Thanksgiving people posts. Thanks again to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed sharing my holiday weekend with you!
Carrie Richmond
Regan O'Keefe
Christie Partee with AP Indy
Heather Kapica
Anita Poole with her friend Hooshang
Ruru Cold
Janna Shepherd
Vanessa Adams
Barb DiAnnibella and Smart Nukes
Morgan Haberman

Hobby family with hobby family

Although I have enjoyed every single one of the people pictures posts, this just might be my favorite. Today's theme is hobby friendships. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!
Erin Corbett and Tiffany Purdy
Hobby Heathers: Heather Filotei, Heather Jackson-Lain, Heather Malone and Heather Moreton
Becky McCorkendale, Emma Van Riper and Maddy Hinmand
Jackie Arns-Rossi and Heather Malone
Dayle Steinke, Lindsay Diamond and Lynn Weber
Deb Connell, Mary Hyland and Kristin Albert
Krista Wasco and Kirsten Wellman
Melanie Miller and Leah Koerper
The Purdys: McKenzie Purdy, Tiffany Purdy and Jodi Purdy