Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glyn Haven resins, part two

The first class of the resin Light Breed division at Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire was Arabian stallions.  My two good bay boys claimed the top placings, with Khemotigre claiming the blue.
The Arabian Mare/Gelding class was won by Sherre's new Superlumina resin.  Although difficult to photograph, this is a spectacular piece.  Love, love, love the dynamic pose!
Although he couldn't compete with the flashy chestnut, my quiet little Jafar--the third good bay boy--still managed to earn a NAN card.
This lovely Jennifer Kistler Tsunami resin won the half Arabian class...
and the Light Breed Champion title went to Khemotigre with the Superlumina in Reserve.
Ponies were next.
Oreo won the Light Breed Pony class.
There were quite a few entries in the Heavy Breed pony class, including three of mine...
and Poka Tia.
The Other/Mixed Pony Breed class was won by Mabel, but I didn't manage to snap a picture of her with her winnings.  I think I was too busy admiring Sherre's Greylea Whisper!
Pony callbacks.
Again, I forgot to take a picture of poor Mabel who was named Champion of the resin pony division.  Heather was Reserve.
On to foals!
The Sport Foal class was a competitive group with my Gesche and no less than three Eberl Scampolos.
Despite that, it was little Wonderscope who claimed the top prize.  I sure am glad I fixed that ear!
Rajun Cajun won the Stock Foal class...
and Gimme S'more, Squee! and Ravenwoods Kibari place one-two-three in the Pony/Other Foal.  S'more and Squee went on to be named champion and reserve of the foal division.
Here's a look at one of the callback tables for the Overall Resin Halter Champions.  So many Braymere horses!
In the end, Octopurdy edged out Validator for the top prize.  Many thanks to Jane Schneider for holding this show and to Jennifer Scott for judging the Resin Halter classes!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Glyn Haven resins, part one

The Resin Halter classes at Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire opened with the Draft/Other division.  My day got off to a slow start with the Clydesdale/Shire class (I don't own any!)...
but it wasn't long before the Braymere gang made its presence felt.  BFF and Dhaulagiri's two good ribbons in the Belgian Percheron class...
 were followed by Jennibray and Emma's even better ribbons in Longears/Exotics.
Now that Emma is semi retired from the Performance ring, she's working towards her ROM in halter.  Three down, three to go!
Bangles kept the blue ribbon streak alive with her win in the Other/Mix Draft class... 
and BFF won the Draft/Other Breed Championship with Jennibray in Reserve.
Stock Breeds were next.  The top three placings in the Quarter Horse classwent to Matriarchs.  This one is owned by JerryLynn Rice and was painted by the multi talented showholder, Jane Schneider.
My own Matriarch, Love N Stuff, was third and Zips Cocco Chip was fifth.
 My two Liesl Dalpe painted overos were one-two in the Paint class.
Like many of the classes at this show, the Appaloosa class was small but mighty.  After a lot of consideration, judge Jennifer Scott awarded first and second place to the two Eberl models on the camera side of the table.
Because we have a pretty small pool of resin halter showers in Colorado, new horses often attract a lot of attention.
Of course this new Brio Sambra painted by Mindy Berg would be a standout in any showing.  Love the brand detail!
The last class of the Stock Breed division was Other/Mixed Stock.   That was won by my own Prodigal Daughter.
Stock Breed Champion honors went to Octopurdy... 
 with Teresa Fedak's Surprise in reserve.
 On to Sport Horses!  Validator won the Thoroughbred class...
and Adonis Z finished second to Teresa Buzzell's "big guy" in Warmbloods. 
Divsion Champion and Reserve went to two Braymere horses--Validator and Zefyrr. 
The Gaited Breed division was tiny.  In fact, I think the Saddlebred class was the only class with multiple entries.  Given that, it was no surprise when the Saddlebreds swept the championships. 
The Spanish Breed division was also tiny.  Fabian's Eberl cobra mare won the Andalusian/Lusitano class...
with Estudioso picking up second place honors.  These two came back later and were named Spanish Breed Champion and Reserve.
Poor Estudioso--so many top placings and he still doesn't get any respect!
Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of the resin halter division at Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bargain Barn--Rocky's story

I'm taking a break from show reporting today, to feature Australian hobbyist, Danielle Seivers' good performance model dp. Jettsetting Playboy, who is affectionately known as Rocky.  Thank you so much for sharing him with us, Danielle!

dp. Jetsettin Playboy, aka Rocky, is an OF Breyer Classic 'Wahoo King' #6014 from the early 2000s. I do love action models, and Wahoo King fits that perfectly! When I bought him in 2008, he cost me less than $15 US, and survived the journey down to Australia with only a couple of small box rubs on one pastern.
Over the years he has been a somewhat successful photo show horse, but he never stood a chance in the live show ring with his chunky older-style conformation, and competing against traditional resins and customs.
All that changed at Performance Extravaganza Live Show on Sunday 23rd September this year. Armed with my brand new Evelyn Munday saddle (which was also a bargain at $175 US) and a homemade bridle, Rocky rocked the OF performance division, winning not just the Western Speed Games class, but also placing in Other Western Performance with a reining set up. I was thrilled - he was competing against traditional Breyers and EFC Stone models so I didn't think he had had a chance!
His campaign wasn't over though, as the judge went on to pin him with Champion Other Western Performance, then Grand Champion Western Performance! The biggest surprise of all was when he was awarded Supreme Champion OF!
I couldn't believe it - with his few rubs and homemade bridle, I didn't think he would ever go as far as he did at that show. But now little Rocky has pride of place on my shelf, next to his giant Supreme rosette!

P.S. from Jennifer--Congratulations, Danielle, both for your live show victories and for snagging an Evelyn Munday saddle before the prices skyrocketed.  I wish I had been smart enough to do the same!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glyn Haven dogs

It's somewhat ironic that a show called Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire had nearly as many classes for dogs as it did for horses.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  In truth I greatly enjoyed the dog classes!

The Performance division was first.  Although I hadn't really prepared any entries ahead of time, that didn't stop me from borrowing a few dolls and entering Mitzi,
and Jackie in the Obedience/Rally class.
Mitzi placed first, so she was promoted to the number one Braymere performance dog position.
Her next entry was in the Agility class.  She placed second...
behind Tucker.
Her third and final appearance came in the Scene/Non-competitive Activity class.  She is shown waiting for her handler during a hiking potty stop.  This earned her another red ribbon.
The winner of that class was another one of my dogs, Roz.  You might remember her from this post.
All the first and second place performance dogs returned to the judging table for division callbacks.  In the end, Mitzi won the Championship with Roz in Reserve.  Hurray!
Conformation classes were next.  This is the Herding Group (my favorite!)... 
and this is the Non-Sporting Group...
and the Terrier Group.
My Raleigh was first in the Working Group,
and Apollo was third in the Hounds.
These are the hounds who beat him.
Abbie won the mixed breed class.
This is the callback table for the Conformation Division championship.  Top honors went to the Italian Greyhound and the Lhasa Apso.
The third and final division was Workmanship.  This included a classes for Original Scupltures, Custom Chinas, Simple Customs...
and Drastic Customs.
The division champion was Koa the Lhaso with Abbie in Reserve.
Finally it was time for the Best in Show judge-off.  Top honors went to Sinhuet Material Girl owned by Nancy Hunt.
Reserve Best in show was Koa owned by Macy Lindsey.  Congratulations to the winners!
This was my first experience showing model dogs, but I hope it won't be my last.  Thank you, Jane, for including dog classes at the Autumn Horse Faire!