Saturday, June 29, 2019

All horses, all the time

This morning Lilie and I went on a trail ride with a group of my barn friends.
Lilie on Thunder, Mary Jo on Scarlett, Lucy's ears, Claire on Doodle, Diana on Psylk
This afternoon Lilie and I went to the Colorado Horse Park...
with a group of my hobby friends. 
Lilie, Jennifer, Angelo, Nae and Fabian
We watched Cassio Rivetti and Kaiser Van Het Lambroeck win the $60,000 Griffis Residential Grand Prix...
and then during the victory gallop... 
Lilie caught the blue ribbon!
What a fun day!

Friday, June 28, 2019


James moved into the basement last week, so Lilie inherited his old room.
Before she arrived, I cleaned it and filled it with model horses. 
These were a gift from Carol. 
She sent them with a box of German candy... 
There was more, but we ate it before I could take a picture
and a "chicken."
Except when the box arrived, I found a Schleich rabbit but no chicken.
I sent Carol a message to that effect.
Little did I know, chickens and rabbits are interchangeable.
This is my new rabbit. His name is Chicken.
Love you, Carol! Thank you for the rabbit Chicken!

Pony club

Liliana's flight to Denver was delayed a couple hours, so we weren't able to make it to the barn on Wednesday. That was slightly disappointing, but I think we've made up for it.
Thursday morning, we arrived at the barn bright and early to meet my friend, Therese, her daughter, Claire and their pony Coco. Claire had graciously offered to share Coco with Lilie, so they got right to work preparing her for a ride.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Riders up!
Claire went first.
Then it was Lilie's turn.
Lilie's riding instructor has done a good job. Her basics are solid.
Today, Lilie and Claire went riding again.
This time, Lilie rode Thunder.
Thunder was so good for her, I decided we could try a little trail ride. I climbed up on Santana...
and off we went!
Santana has really slowed down in the last year or two, so Lilie and Thunder led most of the way.
Look at them go!
I'd left a halter on Thunder in case I needed to lead him, but clearly that was unnecessary.
 Lilie did great!
We're going to go out on another trail ride tomorrow.
I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Better than BreyerFest

In May of 2011, my family traveled to St Louis to visit Seth's brother, Jason, his wife, Katie and their daughter, Liliana. Lilie was only two and a half, but she already had the makings of a true horse girl. 
We bonded over a carriage horse named Dan, and later I told Seth that she should have been my daughter.
Four years later, Lilie and her family came to Colorado for Thanksgiving
The weather was terrible, but we went to the barn anyway.
Lilie rode Santana until her lips turned blue and her teeth were chattering. Even then, I had to forcibly remove her from him.
After we went home and warmed up, I gave her a Breyer horse.
She named him Trooper, and he was her constant companion for the rest of the trip.
After they left, I told Seth again, "That one should be my daughter."
In the years since then, I've watched Lilie grow up on Facebook. It's clear that she is still my kind of kid.
Liliana at horse camp, 2017
She's almost eleven now, which is the perfect age for an extended visit. Seth and I offered, and Jason and Katie accepted. In a few hours, I'll pick my niece horse daughter at the airport. 
I am so excited! I can't wait!

Almost wordless Wednesday

I took a lot of pictures during my visit to Rancho Moreno. Here's Jackie, Priscilla, Fabian, Jackie's other horse, Stitch and some other random faces that caught my eye.