Sunday, September 11, 2016

Paying the bills

The Jennifer Show is not a low budget operation.

Entry fees and sponsorships covered most of the four figure show hall and judges' airfare, but Jenn and I have paid for a lot of things out of own pockets. Unfortunately, neither of us is independently wealthy. There's a limit to what we can spend, and both of us want more for the show than just the basics.

So... We're fundraising!

Please check out the Jennifer Show benefit auctions currently listed on My Auction Barn.
These particular resins are slightly customized. The mare's tongue is out, and the foal also has a little tuft of his hair near his withers that is tossled where mom has licked him.
The starting bid is just three hundred dollars. That's a great deal for this one of a kind pair!
The next offering is two Jennifer piece--a Jennifer Scott Dainty Darcy resin painted by Jen Johnson.
I've seen a lot of Darcys, but none in this particular color combination. I love the deep, rich liver chestnut... 
and all that chrome!
Starting bid on this little lady is a reasonable two hundred dollars. That's a great price for a top flight mini.
Last but certainly not least, is this amazing Sarah Rose mini Marwari painted by Nikki Button.

Nikki is one of the hobby's most sought after finishwork artists, and it's easy to see why. The details on this piece are outstanding and wonderfully in scale.
That face!
Starting bid on this one is two hundred and fifty dollars. That's another wonderful deal! 
Thank you so much, DeeAnn, Jen and Nikki. Your generosity is helping us make the Jennifer Show everything we want it to be!

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  1. I wish I had money still.

    I may have gotten a few more bridles than I needed....