Saturday, September 24, 2016

TJS Other Performance, part three

The final class of the Jennifer Show's Other Performance division was Scene. Historically, this has always been a strong class in Colorado. I had high expectations for the entries, and I was not disappointed. Like Fun Costume, this was a class where all the entries deserved NAN cards. Since that's not possible, I decided to give each of the top six entries a place in the spotlight here. First up is Niki Hertzog's sixth place Pokemon hunt.
I love this entry and took easily half a dozen pictures of it. Sadly, most of them turned out blurry. You're going to have to trust me that it was awesome. 
Documentation for the Pokemon illiterate. 
Fifth place went to Marilyn Jensen's dog pack entry. This was one of the big winners in the Dogspotting Challenge. Look for more pictures in an upcoming post.
Fourth place went to Niki's other entry, a multi piece circus set-up. 
PHF Ranger Dongle placed third with his Colorado Ranger diorama. 
Sandy Sanderson' ambitious--and chaotic!--starting gate won second place honors. 
This was a really neat entry, with all sorts of things going on. 
Brokeback Cowboy! 
The scene class winner was Lu Heater's First Fling. 
I've seen this entry many times, but it never gets old. Congratulations, Lu, on a job well done! 
Of course, no Scene class report would be complete without a mention of Teresa's amazing but risque trail ride entry.
Due to their adult content, the rest of the photos can be found under the cut.
In this entry, Teresa's trusty stock horse stallion, Bronze, and his rider have accidentally happened upon a memorable "morning after" campsite.
Be sure to check out all the little--and not so little!--props. The attention to detail is amazing!
My friend Laura and I actually experienced a slightly tamer version of this trail ride, back when we were stabled at the barn with no adults. We rode our horses up and over a little mountain pass and came across a group of campers in various stages of undress. They were sober enough to be embarrassed. We thought it was hysterical.
Thanks for the good memories, Teresa! That may not have won a NAN card, but I think it was pretty awesome.


  1. That last entry is hilarious. Should I ask where one EVEN finds 1:9 scale "props"? Who would have thought there was a need for them? What are people doing with Barbie and Ken these days???

    1. Teresa borrowed all the props for this entry from Carra and Morgan's glorious "Un-Natural Trail" box. Where Carra and Morgan found them, I can only wonder...!


  2. Um, some things were waaay out of scale..teehee@@