Sunday, September 25, 2016

TJS English Performance, part one

It's easier to take tack off than to put it on, so the Jennifer Show's English Performance began with the tack intensive cross country class.
There were lots of fun... 
and imaginative jumps on the table.
This was also the point in the show...
where the minis made their first appearances. 
In the end, first place went to Allie Davidson's Aeorosmith named Pumped Up Kicks.
Jumpers were next. 
This was a huge class, with lots of nice entries including this one by Niki Hertzog. 
Tiffany's PHF Ranger Dongle was the eventual winner. He then came back and won the English Games class, too.
Games classes should be fun, and this one certainly was. 
I really enjoyed the variety of events depicted. This is Niki's Hat Grab Race...
and her Stepping Stones entry. 
Erin's ES Mr Purdtastic played Horse Ball
and one of Margaret's horses competed in the Walking Key Hole Race. I missed taking a photo of that one, but I did snap a picture of its reference sheet. Have I ever mentioned how much I love seeing performance entries using my photos for documentation? I really do.
Dongle made it three in a row with a victory in the Hunter class. 
With twenty eight entries, this class was huge. We had to appropriate another table just to get them all set up. Considering most Colorado performance classes have fewer entries than ribbons, this was really exciting!
I wish I could have photographed every single one of those twenty eight entries, but I had to settle for taking pictures of just a few favorites, such as Margaret Balch's Hawthorne...
and this lovely grey Windfall. 
More Buxton photos on the show table. Yay! 
Hunter was followed by trail. No surprise, this was another giant class that was filled with poles entries.
A few showers got creative with mailboxes... 
and push balls... 
but in the end, it was Tiffany's pole set-up that claimed the top prize. 
That's four consecutive blue ribbons for PHF Ranger Dongle. The next class would be Hunter Under Saddle. Could he keep his streak alive? Stay tuned to find out.


  1. Niki Hertzog's jump looks suspiciously Stargate Atlantis-themed and I am completely in love.

    1. It is and as a SGA fan, I love it.

  2. so many amazing entries!....thank you for sharing the pics