Thursday, September 22, 2016

If you build it

More than a year ago, Jennifer Scott and I set out to hold the best model horse show that the world Colorado has ever seen.
We rented the biggest, brightest hall we could find,
photo by Jennifer Scott
hired a judging Dream Team
photo by Jennifer Scott
and assembled more than ten thousand dollars worth of prizes, some for winners...
and some to be given away raffle style.
We even created new technology just for this show!
After that, all we could do was wait and hope. We build the best show we knew how to build. Would the people come?

Fortunately for us, they did!
They came from near...
and far... 
and they did not come empty handed.
They brought horses, 
photo by Heather Malone
and even one memorable moose.
They didn't leave empty handed either. 
The competition was absolutely brutal. The classes were big and tough, and good placings were hard to come by. Still, we made sure that every single shower got something.
photo by Marilyn Jensen
Of course, it wasn't a success only journey. The sound system wasn't delivered until midway through the day, Show Helper had a few glitches and the show ran really long. Despite all that, we ended up with a lot of really worthy champions...
photo by Jennifer Scott
and, I hope, a good time was had by all.
We built it. They came. And it was awesome. Thank you everyone for your amazing support!


  1. I so wished I could have been there. You guys put on an awesome show. From the photos I have seen competition was fierce. The judges Congratulations ladies!

  2. Wow, my hair is looking a bit extra wild. Perhaps I can find the extra cash to get rid of the grey streak....

    1. I like the grey! You've earned it. I think you should keep it.


  3. Looks like I have a new goal! You guys really are amazing and I couldn't think of anyone better to host a show!