Thursday, March 31, 2011

SFTC Custom Halter

I love showing model horses in Colorado.  As a whole, our local community has everything you could hope for--great models, unique show halls and the nicest group of people around.  If there's one area we're weak in, it's Custom halter horses.  Custom divisions at our shows tend to be small, and a lot of the horses that do show up are somewhat less than top  flight.

The same can not be said of the Custom divisions at the Show for the Cure!  I was absolutely blown away by both the quantity and quality of the models showing there.  In addition to Tiffany's gang which I showcased yesterday, here are a few of the standouts.

First up is Elizabeth LaRose's lovely Guiness Stout.  This is an older piece by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig.
There were a bunch of cute donkeys in the Long Ears class. 
Lots of work went into this guy!
Probably this was my favorite...
but the big winner was this Sue Kern piece.  Can you believe that this guy started out as a Breyer Cleveland Bay? 
This is a custom Alborozo by Tara Louiselle...
and this is a custom Salinero by Tara Louiselle!
Here's another Salinero.  This one was customized by Tiffany Purdy and was featured in a How-To article in Just About Horses
Tiffany also had a part in the creation of the next model.  She gave him the braided mane and tail, and Carol Huddleston did the finishwork.  
This is Laura Skillern's 2008 NAN Auction donation.  It's a Breyer Lonesome Glory customized to be a portrait of the young John Henry. 
Not sure, but I think both D'arry Jone Frank and Tiffany had a part in this custom ISH's creation.  Love the braids!
Another really nice custom ISH.  I have no idea who painted this, but the finishwork was quite lovely. 
One of the day's biggest winners was this Mustang by Sue Kern.
Ok, all you smart people--do you know what model this guy came from?
This classic sized Arabian mare was one of many nice vintage pieces by Lynn Fraley.
A custom Flash that wants to come live with me in Colorado.
Another beautiful vintage piece--this one is by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig.
Further proving that good sculptures are timeless, the Custom Foal classes were filled with beautiful babies that were based on Maureen Love models. 
Liz LaRose is the owner of this Lynn Fraley piece. 
This little Proud Arabian Foal turned Marwari was a big winner.
I think that concludes the Show for the Cure photos.  Tomorrow we'll get back to tackmaking...  At least that's the current plan!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All the Purdy horses

Even though I tease Tiffany about her obsession with all things pink, there's no denying that I am huge fan of her custom work.  I love, love, love each and every one of my Purdy horses, and often find myself haunting Tiffany's blog hoping for a glimpse of her newest creations.

Given that background, it's not surprise that I was absolutely tickled pink to share a table with Tiff at the Show for the Cure.  
Each and every horse on that table was nothing short of stunning.  Here's a better look at a few of my favorites. 
Cirra is the new Breyer Eberl Arabian mold with a custom neck and tail.  She didn't stay on our table for more than an hour before she had found herself a new home.
Mole Bait is a customized Alborozo.
Tiffany keeps threatening to retire this guy, but I am glad she hasn't actually done that yet.  He's just too cool in person!
I can't remember this one's name, but he is also an Alborozo.
Jericho's Royal Secret is a portrait of Tiffany's real mare, Sassy.
This model was the Reserve Champion Custom Part Arabian at last year's NAN.
The next horse is a Breyer Salinero customized with an Esprit mane and tail.  He's an unusal buckskin going gray color and is absolutely stunning in person.
Freedom Generator is a Breyer Clock Horse...

with a Salinero head. 
The Dutch Harness Horse, Jonker, is also a two Breyer custom.  Can you guess which models Tiff used to build him?
Last but certainly not least is Bellonia.  This little sorraia mare was created from the Breyer Stage Mom and is part of Tiffany's permanent showstring. 
Of course "permanent" is a relative term, right?  If I can create just the right piece of pink tack, maybe I can convince Tiffany that Bellonia would be much happier living in Colorado...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiffany's pink halter

Everything about my trip to Illinois to judge the Show for the Cure was memorable--the travel difficulties, the competition, even the raffle.  There were two full tables of raffle prizes which included unpainted resins, OF models, gift cards and even a little bit of tack.
Raffle tickets could be purchased two ways--with cash or with ribbons.  In addition to judging the Resin division, my friend Tiffany was also showing in the Custom Halter classes.  Her horses are outstanding so it's not surprisinly that she ended up with a lot of ribbons.  Most of those were immediately converted into raffle tickets, a ridiculous number of which went into the cup next to a pink nylon halter.

Now don't get me wrong--there was absolutely nothing wrong with that halter.  But still.  It was hardly the most exciting prize up there.

The raffle was held near the end of the day.  Despite having so many tickets in the cup, Tiffany did not win the halter.  Instead it went to Karen B's son Paul.  He sent his mother to retrieve his prize.  Perhaps he was too frightened to walk past Tiffany's table?
 Here's Tiffany crying over the lost pink halter.  Oh, the drama!
Partly because I am nice and partly because I really want a custom Weather Girl, I told Tiff that I would make her the best model sized pink nylon halter ever.  That turned out to be harder than I'd expected.  After all, there's only so much you can do to improve on a basic nylon halter.    Here's what I came up with.  Note the two buckle crown, two tone overlay and doubled and stitched throatlatch.
And just in case that one isn't the best ever, here's another pink halter for Tiffany.  This one is bigger and is equal parts leather and ribbon.
So what do you think, Tiffany?  Can I have my Weather Girl now?  Pretty please?

Monday, March 28, 2011

SFTC Resin Halter, part three

I don't usually need three posts to cover a halter division, but the resins at the Show for the Cure were just that impressive!

Because I was busy judging. I missed most of the pony classes.  Fortunately, I still managed to snap quick pictures of these two Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig cuties.  This is Tuppence, an Otto painted by Mel Miller.
And this is Eureka.  She is an Elsie resin and was painted by Amanda Brock.  Liz LaRose is the lucky owner.
The parade of SMB horses continued into the foal division.
This little Imp looks so tiny compared to his ribbon and NAN card!
Of course, there were a lot of other nice foals on the table including a whole slew of Eberls.  If I'm not mistaken, the Warmbloods are Filou...
 and Scampolo.
The drafts are Basilikum...
and Rosita.
Not surprisingly, the Stock Foal classes were once again filled with a dazzling array of Carol Williams beauties.
Is there any color...
that she can't paint?!
Somehow I completely managed to miss the Championship Callbacks for the resin divisions.  However, I do know that Grand Design was the day's big winner.  Here he is with all his winnings including the giant "Best in Show" rosette.
Whew, it's been a lot of show posts lately!  Hope everyone is enjoying these because I still have more to share.