Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

When I go to a horse show, I spend almost as much time looking at the tack as I do the horses.  In particular, I find jumper bridles to be endlessly fascinating.  Here are some of the jumper bridles (and horses!) that caught my eye during the recent Summer in the Rockies Hunter/Jumper show at the the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Breyerfest horses

I'm not talking model horses--today's post is all about the real, live, breathing horses that were on display at the Kentucky Horse Park earlier this month.  Many thanks to Tracy Eilers for allowing me to share her words and photos!

The Horses of Breyerfest

by Tracy Eilers

First up is the 2013 Breyerfest celebration horse, Smart and Shiney.  Dappling, mane, and partial-blue eye. Swooon!
 Double swoon!
And two more of some girls loving on him. 
Tim McQuay was very gracious to let them do this in the warm-up area.
I wish I had gotten better pics of Tennessee Titan! He was my favorite guest this year!  He was a great sport when these girls drug him out of his stall by the halter and into the pen so they could pet him.
 Lady C in repose.
Brookside Pink Magnum in his (rather poor) disguise! We know who's under that flymask, buster!
 Magnum smiling for the camera, after being busted in his disguise.
A bit more dignified looking, but I just can't get over how cute he is in the mask! LOL!
Magnum, much more dignified without the flymask!
Onto the non-guest horses!  You just can't go to BF without taking a pic of the giant jumping balloon!
This guy was hanging with Lil Ricky Rocker.  I think his name is High Ohio Lena (based on his halter monogram). Wow, he was so handsome! 
Here he's meeting a little fan.
 His cool pattern and neck spot(s)!
 A really nice lady smiling on her Friesian (who wouldn't be smiling riding that horse?!).
 The KHP Trolley!
The Masked Phantom or "Caspar", a champion TWH. What a cool color! His owner was SO nice and stopped to let us take pics on her way back to the barn. She even took off his fly bonnet to show us his cool ears and forehead spot! 
Showing us his forehead spot (the painter inside of me leaps for joy!)
Looking cool with his hairdo and ribbon!
Later I saw him hanging in his stall. He looks so different on each side, eh?
And the dark side! 
If anyone knows who the owner is, I would be happy to email her the pictures.  I never took many photos of my own horses when I owned them, and  I always loved it when people sent me pics (even novice-quality ones like these).  I'd like to pay it forward for others.
And finally, the out-takes!  I was busted while taking a quick pic of Mary Miller-Jordan...
And again by Russell Dilday and Topsails Rien Maker.  I must be the un-sneakiest photographer ever! 
 LOL!!! World's Worst Ninjaphotographer strikes again! I like the mane ponytails.
LOL, Tracy!  That happens to me all the time, too.  Thanks again for sharing these lovely photos!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Princess unicorn

Aside from Tiffany's circus costume, this might be the most ridiculous piece of tack I've ever made.
Despite--or perhaps because of--that, I am totally in love with this bridle.  I can't stop looking at my pretty palomino unicorn.
Thanks to everyone to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.  Princess Trillium was the perfect choice.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Unicorn bridles, part one

A couple months ago, Erin Corbett posted this picture on Facebook.
Full scale bridle with horn by Gypsy Roses
I am not a fan of unicorns, but unicorn bridles?  I'm all about that.  So all about it, in fact, I decided to make not one, but two, traditional scale unicorn bridles.

This is how they looked yesterday... 
and here's what they look like now. 
I am ready to start the leather work, but I can't decide who they should fit.  One of these bridles will stay in my own collection and the other will be offered for sale.  Suggestions for one or both would be greatly appreciated!  

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I joined Facebook in June of 2008.
 That was a full four months before I "rediscovered" my blog and started blogging.
Back then, I would have told you that Facebook was for family and friends and my blog was for the model horse hobby.  Of course, those distinctions didn't last long.  Before I knew it, ninety percent of my Facebook friends were hobbyists,
 and my Facebook feed was filled with photos of model horses...
photo by Erin Corbett
and in-jokes about the same.
Over time,  I've watched dozens of hobby artists move their businesses to Facebook.  I've considered following suit, but until now, I've resisted.  After all, I like Blogspot.  I enjoy having a page that's all mine, without ads or competing voices.  I prefer the slower pace and greater searchability of a blog, with its longer, more considered postings.  To my mind, Facebook is fun, but Blogspot is real.

So, how do I explain this?
I blame someone else, of course!  In this case, that someone is Lauren Mauldin who writes a blog called She Moved to Texas. 
This is one of my favorite non-model blogs, but I often forget to check it because it's not hosted on Blogspot.  Fortunately for me, Lauren also maintains a She Moved to Texas Facebook page.  Instead of replacing her blog, this page promotes it.  Every time I see a SMTT link cross my Facebook feed, I am reminded that this is a blog worth reading.

This is the model I will be following for the Braymere Custom Saddlery Facebook page.

If you're not on Facebook, don't worry.  You won't miss much.  There will be some tidbits and extras, such as this cell-phone picture showing the status of the Ranger Guard twenty four hours after installation, but nothing major.
If you are on Facebook, please head over to the new Braymere Custom Saddlery page and click the "Like" button.
While you're there, feel free to share ideas for future blog posts, live show pictures, photos of your real animals wearing model tack or anything else that seems relevant to the Braymere blog.  I look forward to hearing from you!