Thursday, March 31, 2022

Spring break wrap-up

Instead of flying her home to St. Louis, Lilie's family drove out to Colorado to pick her up. Of course, we took them to the barn to meet Olive.

Everyone has to get their picture taken with Olive, so we did that first. This is Seth's brother, Jason,
Jason's wife, Katie,
middle child, Ivy...
and baby brother, Milo.
The kids wanted to ride. Olive isn't ready for that, so wonderful Thunder was once again pressed into service.
Thunder and Milo.
Thunder and Ivy.
There was another round of photos. These are the Buxton men.
Buxton women.
After the ponies were put away, Lilie walked her family around the barn, introducing them to some of her favorite horses.
It was a perfect way to end the week.
Thank you for spending your spring break with us, Lilie. I can't wait for your next visit!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Two good rides

This week was filled with complications, and Lilie didn't get as much saddle time as we had hoped for. Still, we were able to end the week with two good rides on two good ponies. 

Olive is still pretty green, so I got on her first. We had a good, short ride, then I handed her over to Lilie.
Lilie wanted to try trotting her. Out of an abundance of caution, we started on the lunge line. That went well, so I cut them loose.
Look at them go!
Good pony, good kid.
Oh, Olive. You're so weird.
So proud of them.
After we were done with Olive, it was Thunder's turn.
This good little Rocky Mountain Horse was Lilie's main mount this week.
Even though he's gaited, he does trot under saddle.
It's a pretty good trot, too.
Look at them go!
Lilie had a picture on her phone of her trotting Thunder over a pole in 2019. It was a really bad picture, one I would have deleted immediately. She told me that picture has haunted her for years, and she wanted a do-over. I'm so glad we were able to accomplish that.
Since things were going so well, we decided to push our luck just a little.
Woo hoo!
What a fun morning!
Things may not have gone according to plan this week, but it was still a pretty great week. I am so grateful to have spent it with my favorite niece and these two good ponies.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Spring cleaning

It was too windy to ride yesterday. The morning was really dangerous with things blowing over and flying through the air. Just leading Olive and Thunder to the turnouts and back felt fraught with danger.

The afternoon was less terrible, so we drove back to the barn. It was still windy so we didn't ride. Instead, we decided to treat some of Linda's old broodmares to a spa day.
Look at all that hair!
Blissed out Khemecho.
One of the greys had a huge fairy knot in her mane. Here's the before...
and here's the after. Hurray for a patient horse and Cowboy Magic!
When Lilie used the grooming gloves on the same mare's legs, her chestnuts fell right off.
Don't you know, I'm going to post this photo in the NaMoPaiMo group every time someone says, "Don't forget the chestnuts!"
We curried until we couldn't curry any longer.
Then Lilie cleaned all their hooves, and we called it a day.
Happy horses. Happy kid.
This wasn't quite as good as riding, but it was still a lot of fun. Here's hoping we can fit in at least one more ride before Lilie leaves tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Almost wordless Wednesday

All weather is spring weather in Colorado. Heat, cold, wind, rain, sleet and snow - we've had a little bit of all of it this week. Today was wind. So, so, so much wind. It wasn't a good day for riding, but it did make for some fun pictures. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!