Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year/new horse?

I made an early start on my 2013 to do list by braving the cold and auditioning a new lease horse this morning.
Regal Revenue is a fifteen year old Arabian gelding who lives at a large boarding stable just five miles from my home.  Although not a fancy show barn, this stable has some  enticing amenities--in particular, an indoor ring and access to good trails.
Because Rev/Ralphie's owner is recovering from shoulder surgery, he has not been in consistent work for several months.  That, combined with the extremely cold weather, made for a very--how can I put this nicely?--spirited ride.   It wasn't pretty, but it was fun.  I suspect it would be even more fun in better circumstances.   
There are a lot of upsides to leasing this horse.  He's ideally located, he's been leased before, without drama, and he has a really cute face.
On the minus side, he's an Arab, and I am really not an Arab person.  Also, he's a gelding, and I much prefer mares.  And, um, that neck...  I am really not loving that neck!
So, I just don't know.  I keep reminding myself that a lease horse is not a forever horse.  I don't have to be in love with a lease horse.  In fact, it's probably better if I'm not.  In any event, I don't have to decide today.  I'm heading back tomorrow for another look.  Wish me luck (and clarity!).

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Parting shots

2012 was a year filled with pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A horse around the house

When I was a kid, one of my favorite nonfiction horse books was Patricia Jacobson and Marcia Hayes' A Horse Around the House.
The cover describes this as "The Horse-lover's Guide to Selecting,
Caring for,
and Getting Along with Every Kind of Horse Anywhere at Minimum Cost."
That might be overselling, but there's no doubt this book combines a lot of solid, practical information with Pat Kelly's delightful illustrations.  Even after all these years, I am happy to have it on my shelf. 

My best friend, Carol, recently moved into a new house with all new--and still kind of empty--shelves.  Last night the boys and I joined her for dinner.
We didn't arrive empty handed.  We brought housewarming gifts...
for both Nate... 
and Carol.
Carol is not a horse person, per se, but I think she was pleased with her gift.  
After all, doesn't everyone need A Horse Around the House? 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Smart Rat Olena

It's been a year since Nutmeg joined our family, and in that time she's become really... fat.   
It's obvious this rat needs more exercise, so we decided to introduce her to the exciting sport of cutting.  Training started with a single cow.
Once she got over her initial fear...
 we saddled her up...
and sent her into the herd.
Nutmeg separated one cow from the group...
and worked it like a pro.  
All hail the natural born cow-rat!
Nutmeg may be a fat girl, but she's done a masterful job of filling Basil's shoes.  Here's hoping for another year of wonderful, ratty photo shoots!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Model year in review

In nearly every respect, 2012 was a Purdy good year.  On the model horse front, I feel extremely privileged to have welcomed Quiver,
Fred Estudioso,
Touch of Pink,
Hy Society Silver,
Khemonahar Ali,
Minnow, Guppy and Charlemagne,
and Princess Trillium into the Braymere family.
Although I keep saying that I need to stop buying unpainted resins, a few of those found their way to my shelves as well.  These future herd members are Jitterbug, Affinity, Bint Soraya, Rose Reiner, Brigid and Wild Heather.
I also added a few wonderful tack and performance items to my collection, most notably, Love N Stuff's hackamore by Susan BensemaYoung.
As I look over these pictures again, I've come to the conclusion that 2012 wasn't merely "Purdy good"--it was Purdy great.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it that way!