Thursday, November 30, 2017

NaMoPaiMo is coming

Tomorrow is the first day of December, which means NaMoPaiMo is only two months away.
NaMoPaiMo 2017 was a big success, but I expect 2018 to be even better, with more painters, more ponies and more prizes... including this amazing limited edition medallion!
"Van Gogh" was sculpted exclusively for NaMoPaiMo...
by none other than Kylee Parks.
The majority of the Van Gogh medallions will be awarded to event participants who best exemplify the spirit of NaMoPaiMo. However, I will also be selling a small number of painted pieces by some of the hobby's best finishwork artists. All proceeds will benefit NaMoPaiMo, of course!
Thank you, Kylee, and congratulations! You are the first champion of NaMoPaiMo 2018!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Grande Liberte tack

I'm really surprised that no one commented on the muzzles worn by some of Sylvia Zerbini's Grande Liberte horses. Certainly that was not the case when I posted these photos on Facebook!
Since I'm sure someone wants a better look, here's a close-up.
And another. 
Although I find them unattractive, I'm not bothered by their use. From what we saw, the horses that were wearing them earned that privilege. 
Because I like tack, I also took detail pictures of the halters.
The style of these was fairly standard, although the fit was not.
During one of the sessions, Sylvia rode one of the horses bareback in a halter...
with a leadrope knotted around the offside.
In the other session, he was saddled and wore a Little S hackamore with an Iberian fringe browband.
 That lip!
I really enjoyed watching Sylvia Zerbini work with her Grande Liberte horses. Next time they come to Colorado, I hope to see an actual performance!

Almost wordless Wednesday, part two

Today's second group of photos of Sylvia Zerbini and her Grande Liberte horses were also taken last June at the during a training session at the Colorado Horse Park. Enjoy!

Almost wordless Wednesday

Earlier this year, Teresa and I sat in on a training session by Sylvia Zerbini and her Grande Liberte horses. Here a few of my favorite photos from the unmounted part of that workout. Enjoy!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Pictures from yesterday's ride

Winter is coming, but you wouldn't know that from that from our recent temperatures.
I don't usually have a weekend horse, but Janet kindly offered to let me ride  Stetson. After all, she said, this weather was too nice to waste.
A Mustang, a Saddlebred, a Quarter Horse and a Paso Fino walked into a bar headed down the trail...
and a good time was had by all.
P.S. I have now written a blog post for seven consecutive days. Maybe, just maybe, the long blogging drought is over.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ten tenths

For as long as I've known Kylee Parks, I've been threatening to steal her horses.
Now, I don't have to. 
After Breyerfest, Kylee had her big Toadstool pony scanned and shrunk.  He was released in resin under the name Tadpole, and I was lucky enough to snag one of the first castings. He arrived yesterday in his custom Studio Thornrose box.
Inside, I found a beautifully wrapped package...
and lots of goodies.
Lol. It's like she knows me! 
 I am so pleased to finally have a Kylee pony of my own. 
I'm not giving this one back, Kylee. No way, no how.