Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Almost wordless Wednesday

A couple weeks ago, I audited a Buck Brannaman clinic with my camera in hand. I took a whole bunch of photos, most of which I have yet to edit. Sigh. It's been that kind of summer. 


Here are some of the photos I have edited. These were taken during the more advanced Horsemanship II class. Most of the horses were decked out in the type of ranch horse gear I associate with this kind of riding: Wade saddles, snaffle bits with mecate (McCarty) reins and slobber straps, bosals, spade bits and romal reins. Be sure to check out the bosal hanger on the horse in the last three photos. Enjoy!


  1. That hanger is very cool, but it looks like an accident waiting to happen! I don't know if I'd trust myself to use it.

  2. This batch of photos makes me say "I want!" Thanks, Jenn.