Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nine tenths

I've heard that possession is nine tenths of the law, and these four models are standing on a shelf in my studio. That means they're mine, right?
Ha! If only that was true!

These four horses were customized by and belong to Kylee Parks, who is one of the most talented new artists currently working in the model horse hobby. They will be competing in the Custom Breed and Workmanship classes at the Jennifer Show, and are staying with me until their proxy person can take possession. 

It's not often that I get to see work of this caliber in the comfort of my own home, and I am making the most of the situation. I've already photographed each piece extensively, and with Kylee's kind permission, I'm sharing some of those pictures here.

This is TNR Ragnar. 
He started out as a Breyer G3 Standing Thoroughbred Stablemate. Kylee did all the customizing, but finishwork credit goes to Lauren Morris of Kingyo Customs.
I'm not really a mini person, but the face on this one is WOW!
Here's another mini I would gladly add to my collection. 
TNR Kricket was a Breyer Wind Dancer foal until Kyle got her hands on him. 
His roany sabino coat was painted by Christina Riley. 
So cute! 
Next up is TNR Banshee.
He created from a Breyer Gilen for the 2016 Breyerfest Custom Contest. 
That contest requires all the work to be completed by one artist, so this Banshee was painted by Kylee herself. 
Kylee may think she's a sculptor rather than a painter, but this foal says otherwise. 
Just look at that soft, lovely mapping and all the color variations in his tail!
Last but certainly not least is TNR Wolfrik.
 I absolutely adore this pony.
He was painted by Caroline Boydston and is perfection from one end to the other. 
 Nine tenths, Kylee, nine tenths.
It's such a pleasure having these four models in my possession, even if it's just for a little while. Thank you for sending them to the Jennifer Show, Kylee. If this is any indication of the competition there, I am extra glad I will not be judging!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stan the man

Portrait models are my favorite models, so I want everyone to know that Marilyn Jensen's adorable Stanley resin is a portrait of her own dog, Stanley.
 The real Stanley was a Maltese or Maltese type mix, that Marilyn rescued. As you can see, he was an accomplished agility dog...
so it's no surprise that his resin counterpart...
is just as talented! 
Here's Stanley riding a skateboard,  
Super Stanley leaping tall buildings in a single bound... 
and Stanley barking up the wrong tree!
There aren't a lot of opportunities to show a dog in performance, but I think we can all agree that Stanley is an extremely versatile resin. Thanks again, Marilyn, for donating four Stanleys to the Jennifer Show, and also, for allowing me to share all your wonderful photos.

Marilyn's TJS donation

Karen Gerhardt isn't the only hobby artist who sent Jennifer Show donations specifically earmarked for the Model Dogspotting Challenge. Marilyn Jensen gave us a whole box of model canine awesomeness, including three original finish Hagen-Renakers,
one custom glazed china Yorkie, 
three unpainted copies of Marilyn's Stanley resin... 
and one Stanley finished (by Marilyn) as a Yorkie.
Just look at his/her wee little face! 
The collector in my has wanted to keep nearly every Jennifer Show donation, but these wonderful little dogs are going to be extra hard to give away. Thank you so much, Marilyn. I can already hear Mackenzie squealing when she sees these sitting on the prize table!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Karen's TJS donation

Karen Gerhardt is one of the most generous people in the model horse hobby. She always donates to our local shows, so I wasn't particularly surprised when she offered to give a custom glazed spitz tile to the Jennifer Show's Model Dogspotting Challenge.
Still, I wasn't expecting that tile to be accompanied by this...
or this! 
What an awesome group of donations!
Thank you so much, Karen! I'm sorry you won't be there in person, but I guarantee some lucky shower will be very happy to give these items a new home.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Real horse weekend

Recently, most of my time has been dedicated to the Jennifer Show, but this weekend was all about the real horses. 

Yesterday, I audited a Buck Brannaman clinic with a group of barn friends.
We stayed for two sessions. The first was Horsemanship I. 
This was a beginners' class and included horses and riders of all skill levels and disciplines. 
The afternoon session, Horsemanship II, was smaller...
and more advanced... 
and included cutting... 
and roping. 
Today, I went on a trail ride with Karen and Mary Jo.
This was almost certainly my last ride on Chino, and he was his usual stellar self.
I know he will do great in his new home, but I'm going to miss that face... 
and those ears! 
Tomorrow it's back to the Jennifer Show. I have some great new donations to share!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bobbie's TJS donation

Today's first post was supposed to be about the saddles, but several sharp-eyed readers have asked about the fancy Jennifer Show saddle stands.
These gorgeous stands were made and donated by my friend, Bobbie Allen. I love that feature our show logo.
Thank you so much, Bobbie! Every great saddle deserves a great saddle stand. I know the people who win these saddles with love them.

Sweet relief

The Jennifer Show Overall Performance Championship saddles are finished.
They didn't come easy. I used a new pattern, and as recently as yesterday morning, I wasn't sure that the pattern changes were going to work.
Sometimes it's good to be wrong. 
Despite my misgivings, everything came together beautifully. 
In fact, these just might be the best two saddles I've ever made.
 It's a real relief having these done. I've had nightmares about eleventh hour tack making and Championship IOU's. Now I can move on to all the million other things that are still on my list. The Jennifer Show is less than a month away!