Monday, September 30, 2019

September horses

The weekend after the Jennifer Show, Seth's brother, Jason, his wife Katie and their three kids, Liliana, Ivelyse and Milo traveled to Colorado to celebrate Katie's grandfather's eightieth birthday. Most of their time here was spent with Katie's side of the family, but they did make a quick trip to Aurora to see us and to visit the horses at Kenlyn.
Lilie spent two weeks with us earlier this year, and she couldn't wait to get back to the barn and see all her equine friends.
Happily, Karen had loaned us Thunder for the day. 
Together, the three siblings prepared him for a ride. Ivy brushed the bottom half,
Milo brushed the top...
and Lilie took care of his feet.
Then we headed into the ring to see what Lilie remembered.
It was like she hadn't missed a single day!
After a short ride, she passed the torch to Ivy.
Ivy was a little nervous on the front end...
 but it wasn't long before Thunder won her over.
 Then it was Milo's turn.
Helmet is just a little bit big. 
 Two year olds don't get to ride alone, so he had a lot of chaperones.
So many chaperones! 
James also requested a turn.  
Buxton women. 
Buxton men. 
What a fun family visit!
I always tell Karen that Thunder is a unicorn, and he really earned his horn this day. Thank you, Karen for letting us borrow him!

So that's how you do it

This was a month dominated by the Jennifer Show, so it's appropriate that today's first monthly horse round-up post is about the Jennifer Show trail ride.
On the Monday after the Jennifer Show, a group of us drove up the mountain to Central City to go on a two hour trail ride at A&A Historical Trails.
We signed in and then were matched with our horses. I was assigned to a solid, chestnut gelding named Archie.
photo by Elaine Lindelef
The other riders in our group were Andrea Brygidyr,
Elaine Lindelef,
Erica Ferguson, 
Laurie Jo Jensen, 
 Allie Davidson
photo by Elaine Lindelef
Amy McCudden,
Darleen Stoddard,
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
Teresa Fedak,
and Morgen Kilbourn and her husband, Oakes.
Once everyone was mounted, we headed out.
I was second in line, right behind our guide, so I spent a lot of time twisted around in the saddle, taking pictures of the people and horses behind me.
It was clear to me that Archie didn't require any input from his rider, so a lot of these pictures were taken with two hands on the camera and zero hands on the reins.
This is not that unusual for me, so I didn't think anything about it until I heard Darleen exclaim, "So that's how you do it!"
Yep, that's pretty much all there is to it!
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
Good boy, Archie!
We rode up to nearly twelve thousand feet about sea level, and and our ride included views of four of Colorado's famous fourteeners: Mount Evans, Mount Bierstadt, Torreys Peak and Grays Peak.
We were a couple weeks ahead of the peak fall colors, but we did get a little preview of what was to come.
Our guide had Archie and me lead on the way back down the mountain.
This required me to be a more attentive rider, which put a slight damper on my photo taking.
Still, I managed to get it done.
Good boy, Archie.
The two hour ride passed very quickly, and almost before I knew it, we were back at the stable. Some members of our group reported a "slight" soreness upon dismounting.
I was tired but my heart was overflowing.
This was the perfect follow-up to a nearly perfect weekend. I had so much fun riding with Andrea, Elaine, Erica, Laurie Jo, Allie, Amy, Darleen, Teresa, Morgen and Oakes. It's almost worth holding another Jennifer Show just to do that again!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

TJS halter, day one

In 2016, Jennifer Scott and I conspired to hold our dream model horse show, and we did except for one thing: In reality our big show, was two mostly separate shows held in the same room at the same time. One of our primary goals this year was to create a more cohesive event. To that end, we decided to take on some of each other's projects. I helped cast medallions, and now, Jenn is writing blog posts. Woo hoo and thank you, Jenn!

The Jennifer Show Saturday Halter Recap

by Jennifer Scott

It’s been two weeks since The Jennifer Show and my brain in general is still doing this:
It was a giant effort to co-hostess such an event, but I’m filled with satisfaction. And inspiration! My co-hostess has been regaling you with images of the Performance classes, but I can assure you the halter division was just as jam-packed with outstanding entries. Day one included the Custom Glazed pieces,
customs both big and small...
and our Amateur Artist Division.
When you couple this with Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig’s “A Good Vintage” it was such a full circle of showing. In one room, we had our hobby history and where we’d come from, then today's current customs and lastly the future in Amateur Artist.
It's been three years since our last The Jennifer Show, and it took awhile to shake the rust off. I didn’t get as many photos as I’d have liked this first day, but I did manage to take photos of our overall champs!  Our judges couldn’t wait to hand out our venti-scale Anises for those overall prizes!
Custom Glaze Winners included a familiar face for me – a Josine Vingerling bone china “Fausto” I glazed back in 2015. It was a delight to see him again!
Partnering him in the championships were an Adalee Hude Adagio, sculpted and glazed by her,
a Lynn Fraley Marshall, sculpted and glazed by her, and an Eberl Gustav by Horsing Around.
Kylee Parks and Barb Ness continued dolling out the Anises in the Custom Division!
Winners included Melanie Miller’s freshly painted Hamilton...
and Amanda Brock’s mare “Malibu."
Malibu is a customized Breyer Geronimo. I want to steal her.
I’m sorry to say I missed photographing the remaining champion of this group as he’d vanished from the table by the time I finished the other's photographs. To be fair, we were operating at a clipping pace by this time of the day.

Our Custom Mini champs were decisive with both horses taking honors in both Breed and Workmanship! Both these models were owned and painted by Lauren Hoeffer.

And saving my favorite for last is the Amateur Artist Division.
My co-hostess and I were absolutely delighted to see the strong turn-out for this division. For a while it seemed to be dying, but clearly not at this show! 
These tables were filled with amazing works of art all day and it made my heart go pitty pat to see them all. Champion and Reserve honors went to two horses by Lauren Wood. Congratulations, Lauren!
This was an absolutely amazing day in the halter rings. Everyone was a winner in my book!