Friday, September 30, 2016

Spotting dogs at the Jennifer Show

There were a lot of dogs on the performance table at the Jennifer Show.
I spotted dogs in carts,
dogs holding leads,
dogs on benches...
and dogs in tubs. 
There were dogs dressed in costumes...
and horses dressed as dogs.
Some of the dogs were an important part of the entry.
Others were just kind of hanging out.
Really, Mackenzie? In a Western Pleasure class?
Some of the best and most ambitious dog spots of the day included Niki Hertzog's fox hunting entry (which won a Stanley resin)...
and Marilyn Jensen's amazing Jackrabbit Hunt scene.
Oh, I just love the little pupper in the tub! 
Marilyn was a big supporter of  the Jennifer Show's Model Dogspotting Challenge, so I was delighted to award her Karen Gerhardt's Keeshond tile.
The most impressive dogspot of the day, however,  wasn't part of a performance entry. It was a stand alone tribute to military dogs and their handlers by Colorado hobbyist, Nancy Dement.
Here's the documentation. 
I really loved this one and awarded it a custom glazed collie tile by Lesli Kathman. Thanks so much for setting that up, Nancy. It was awesome!
Photo by Marilyn Jensen
Thanks, too, to everyone who brought a model dog to the Jennifer Show. That was a lot of fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

TJS novice performance champions

One of my goals for the Jennifer Show was to encourage new people to try their hand at performance showing. To that end, I offered some really good prizes for the Champion...
and Reserve Champion Novice Performance Showers.
Mackenzie Purdy accepted the challenge.
This is her showing off her first ever performance entry. Woot!
Now I know a lot of people are thinking, "Nothing about this says novice. That's an expensive Purdy horse with a top notch tack set and a really good doll. Where's the Breyer tack?"
I get understand those feelings, sort of, but I also think that in an ideal world, this is how everyone should get their start. Well made tack doesn't just look better. It's so much easier to use. Restricting novices to Breyer and homemade tack makes no sense to me. I want to encourage people to show performance. Bad tack sends people away in tears of frustration.

And, you know, no matter how good your tack, props and dolls are, you still have to get them on the horse properly. Mackenzie did a bang up job of that.
Mackenzie was the only novice to show in the English division...
but she was joined by a couple other, most notably Mary Berry, with the start of the Western division. That's Mary's Roxy running poles behind Peaches Dun Purdy.
Here are the two Novices going head to head again, this time in the Reining class.
It was really great seeing them compete on the big stage of the Jennifer Show!
In the end, Mackenzie was named Overall Novice Performance Champion. For her efforts, she was awarded Laura Skillern's Wade saddle and bosal.
Mary Berry was Reserve and won a custom Western Pleasure doll by Anne Field. It's also possible, that she will be receiving a small Braymere tack item in the mail sometime this week. 
Congratulations, ladies! You both did really well, and I hope you will be inspired to continue showing performance!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TJS performance champions

There were two separate overall championships at the Jennifer Show--one for the top horse and another for the top shower. With two division titles and a reserve. Tiffany Purdy's PHF Ranger Dongle was the clear choice for top horse. He was awarded a huntseat saddle by Braymere Custom Saddlery and a Jennifer Show saddle stand by Bobbie Allen.
Erin Corbett's ES Mr. Purdtastic narrowly bested her other horse Treats?! for the Reserve Championship title. He was awarded a set of three arena walls by Bookshelf Barns.
Tiffany and Erin celebrated their victories with a hug. They're fierce competitors, but also true friends. 
On to the Shower Championship! In her quest for the other Braymere saddle, Sandy Sanderson showed a staggering thirty two performance horses at the Jennifer Show. This was a crazy, once in a life time feat, and definitely deserving of a brand new saddle. 
Lu Heater didn't show in the English division, but she earned the Overall Reserve Champion Shower title on the strength of her Other Performance and Western Performance entries. She won a wonderful cross country water jump made by Sandy.
Two more fierce competitors, two more true friends.
The victory toast.
Congratulations to all the winners. That was the most outstanding performance division I have ever seen!

TJS Western Performance, part two

From a show holder standpoint, the huge performance classes at the Jennifer Show were a gift from heaven. In my wildest dreams, I could not have predicted classes like these.
From a shower standpoint, however, the big classes were more than a little frustrating. With twenty nine top notch entries and only six ribbons, a lot of really nice set-ups were bound to be unrewarded.
Performance judge, Sheila Bishop, was understandably struggling with this and asked permission to split the combined Reining/Western Dressage class into two separate contests.
I agreed.
Tiffany's PHF Ranger Dongle won the Reining section...
and Erin's Treats?! won the Western Dressage. I didn't get a photo of that, so here's Margaret's Hawthorne instead.
Western Trail was next.
there were a lot of entries featuring ground poles.
However, there were also a lot of fun and creative set-ups.
I love Allie Davidson's push carousel...
and Lu Heater's wonderful Trash Alley.
Sandy Sanderson's Queen of Hearts placed third with a water pouring obstacle,
and Erin's ES Mr. Purdtastic was second with an Extreme Cowboy Race set-up.
Top honors went to Sandy's Pistol Pete. What a great entry, what a great class!
On to Western Pleasure.
Treats?! placed second here...
right behind Lu's cute mule, Lady Bug.
And then, finally, it was time for the last class of the day--Other Western.
PHF Ranger Dongle ended the day as he'd begun it, with a blue ribbon.
He stayed on the table for Western division callbacks. A Championship here would have given him a clean sweep of the Division titles...
but he was just nosed out by Erin Corbett's Treats?!
Similarly, Sandy Sanderson's bid for three consecutive Champion Shower titles...
was denied by none other than Lu Heater, who was the inspiration for this award.
This was a great ending to a really good division. Overall Champs are next!