Monday, August 31, 2009

Random collection pictures

Don't know if all those pictures from the MEPSA show inspired anyone else, but they certainly made me want to go out and take some new photos. Here are two I took today.

This is Oreo. She is a Chincoteague pony mare resin sculpted by Kitty Cantrell and painted by Chris Nandell. Although she was photographed in Colorado, she is supposed to look as though she is standing on the beach at Assateague.Maahes is an Eberl Muscat resin painted and resculpted (ears!) by Melissa Mistretta. His lovely halter was made by the very talented Melissa Sage.
That's it for today. Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting tomorrow.

Friday, August 28, 2009


MEPSA allows judges three weeks to finish a photo show, but for some reason I was positive I could wrap mine up in a third of that time...

Well, it wasn't long before I realized how ridiculously optimistic that belief was. Monday marked the one week point and I was still knee deep in judging classes and typing results. Tuesday was more of the same. Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to sorting, packing and mailing pictures. I mailed the last envelope yesterday afternoon, and today--finally--I got back to tackmaking.This is what I made!
It's a classic scale saddle for the very patient Sherry Ball. She's planning to use it on her classic sized Breyer Thoroughbreds,but it sure looks nice on my little Firefly pony. I still have a bridle and girth to finish, but with any luck this will be on its way to Sherry bright and early Monday morning.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

MEPSA Costumes, Part Two

The official name of class number 112 on the MEPSA class list is Other Costume. However, I tend to think of it as the Kim Jacobs class. Just take a look at these pictures and you'll most likely agree with me!

First up is Brummel wearing an Ainu-Japanese Mounted Samurai costume from the 17th Century.Next is Chablis. He is being ridden by Napoleon Bonaparte as he celebrates this victory over the Mamelukes at the Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt, 1798. My mind boggles at the amount of research Kim must do to put all these costumes together.
And she really is a one person show. Although her mother Lenore dresses some of the dolls, Kim is responsible for nearly everything you see in most of her pictures. This photo of Deirah depicts an Ethiopian Tribal Chief with his bodyguard in 1960.
D'Marquis is a Spanish Conquistador at the throne of the Aztec King in 1519.
El Cid is wearing a Hausa (Northern Nigerian) native costume.
Trial-by-Arms battle armor is worn by Goliath.
Ishtar represents Risaldar of the 29th Deccan Horse Regiment of the Southern India British Army in 1910.
Marius' costume is from the Riding School founded by Count Cesar Fiaschi in 1556.
Salovah is wearing a 1925 Messerian native costume.
Last but not least, it's Zulayah and Maravyah pulling an Egyptian Chariot during the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom, 1550-1300 BC.
Close up of the tack.
If you're anything like me, this display of talent has probably left you feeling overwhelmed and somewhat inadequate. I just love looking at Kim's work but boy, does she make me feel like a slacker! Must. Go. Work. On. Tack. Now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MEPSA Costumes, Part One

Costume classes lend themselves really well to photoshowing, and some of the talented MEPSA showers know how to create an entire miniature world within their photos. Here a few (!) pictures from the Native American and Arabian Costume classes. The top two horses belong to Kim Janes-Morgan. That's Dreamboat Annie above and Harley below.
The verbiage on the back of Chablis' photo reads like this: Legendary Cree Spirit Warrior, "the Winter Man", circa 1750. The Spirit Warrior supernaturally rises out of the first snow to usher the winter season in across the land. Kim Jacobs is the owner, tackmaker, doll dresser and photographer.
Isaquah also belongs to Kim. She is dressed in a Contemporary Powwow style costume which combines historical/traditional designs with modern materials.
Close up of Isaquah's bridle.
Moving on now to the Arab costume class. This is Kim Janes-Morgan's Miriah wearing a costume by Debb Parrish.
The rest of the horses belong to the very talented Kim Jacobs who also made all the costumes. Most of the dolls were dressed by Kim's equally talented mother, Lenore. The balance were dressed by Kim. First up is Deirah, who is sporting a 1960's era Saudi Arabian style costume during a hunt.
Khaleedah's costume is native Iranian-Bakhtiari style, circa 1950.
Nineteenth Century paintings by the old masters such as Schreyer, Degas and White were the inspiration for Salovah's costume.
Beysharrah is wearing a modern Jordanian style costume.
Who knew there were so many different types of historical Arabian costumes? The next one is a Twentieth Century North African-Tuareg costume. It is shown on Olah Kaylah.
Last one! This is Saadia looking marvelous in light blue and red.
Just a few pictures left for tomorrow's post. Hope everyone's been enjoying this series and special thanks to Kim and Kim and Rosemary, Lauren, Joan,Corina, Cindy, Wendy and all the other wonderful MEPSA showers who gave me permission to post their photos on my blog.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MEPSA Other Performance

MEPSA's Other Performance Division includes harness and costume classes as well as a few other hard to classify events. Not surprisingly, the caliber of competition is as strong here as in the Western and English divisions.The first two horses belong to Rosemary Simeon and are shown competing in the Pleasure/Fine Harness class. That's Carringal DA Gateado up top and Carringal Rosie O'Grady below.
Carringal DA Gateado again, this time showing in a the marathon phase of a combined driving event. He ended up being the Other Performance division champion.
Of course Rosemary isn't the only one who knows how to harness up an equine. These mules belong to Kim Jacobs and are shown in a Revolutionary War Tandem-Cockhorse hitch. Kim made all the tack and props including that cannon!
Here's another one of Kim's amazing historical entries. This is Saadia, Salovah and Khaleedah pulling a Russian Troika sleigh.
Rosemary's Carringal Benny, Blaze, Dandy and Prince are shown with a disc plough.
Cindy Turner's Kissy Face won the Parade class with this next picture.
Kim Janes-Morgan's Overshot was the winner of a tough Showmanship class.
Another one of Kim Janes-Morgan's excellent showmanship entries.
Liberty is a good class for those performance unfriendly rearing models. This is Kim Jacobs' Ajadomo.
Corina Roberts' Nova, also showing in Liberty.
The Packing class was small but competitive with some very interesting and creative set-ups. I love all the small details in this picture of Kim Jacobs' Idon'twantu. She is serving as a pack pony for an Entomologist. A note on the photo's back reads: note the butterflies on the "fresh offerings"!
Kim's mules Violet and Biscuit have returned from the Revolutionary War and are now working for an Archeological Expedition Mule Train in Egypt circa 1930.
This picture better shows the details of Violet's pack tack.
I'm saving the Costume pictures for another day. Be sure to check back for them--they're awesome!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Sunday

Another horsey day today--Cara and I went out to ride and check in on our favorite babies. Unfortunately we arrived later than usual. The babies were already turned out and seemed limp and worn out from the heat.
Iris (first picture), Houston (second picture) and Austin (bleow) all showed little interest in posing for the camera.
Mostly they just wanted to hang out with their mamas and be left alone.

Only Daisy was in the mood for fun and games.All four babies have had their heads and necks clipped since I last saw them. Perhaps it was just the new 'do, but I've never seen Daisy looking so cute and girly.
Scratching an itch.
Weee--Little baby fireworks! Daisy does not like the dog at all.