Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun with tack

I don't get a lot of orders for Western bridles...
but I really do like making them.
I also like playing with them!
Isn't Queen B lovely?  
Thanks for the order and the horse, Julie.  I've had so much fun with both!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

A week ago, I posted a group of performance pictures taken by hobby photographer, Carol Gerhard, in 1995.  At the time, I thought they provided a nice sampling of her work.  However, after reading some of the comments, I realized I was mistaken.  To fully understand the depth of Carol's talent (and tack box!), one would have to view some of her traditional scale set-ups.  

Fortunately, my box of hobby ephemera includes more than just box manuals and catalog pages.  I also have several full sets of Carol Gerhard photos featuring (someone else's) traditional scale models.  I've scanned some of my favorites to share with you today.  Enjoy!
Barrel Racing--"waiting to start"
Western Games--Crawl Through Barrel
Rodeo Grand Entry
Hunter Under Saddle
Natural Trail
Reined Cowhorse
Sidesaddle Hunter
Team Penning
Barrel Racing

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet relief

Words can not express how glad I am to put this one in the finished column.
On to the next!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally... progress!

It's no secret that I've been struggling in the studio.  I have spent three long weeks fighting Tracy's bridle and breastplate order.  Today--finally--I had a breakthrough.

One breastplate is done...
and I've made a good start on one bridle. 
With any luck, I'll finish the bridle tomorrow, and then, hopefully, I can move on to something--anything!--different.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Egyptian dancing rat

You wouldn't know by looking at her...
but Nutmeg can dance.  Check out those moves!
She's an Egyptian dancing rat!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snow queen

It started snowing last night...
 and has continued to snow all day today.
Normally, I would have been happy to stay home and hibernate...
but not today.
 Today I had a new horse waiting for me at the post office!
 This is Queen B.  She is a Brigitte Eberl Queenie resin customized and painted by Pat Hefty.
I just love her sweet face!
Of course now that the horse has been retrieved, I am happily holed up in my warm little studio.  I won't be leaving the house again until the sun is shining!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gift horse update

About six months ago, I gave away some thirty plus model horses.  Most of these were original finish Breyers, but there were a few miscellaneous pieces, including some abandoned customizing projects from my body box.

Evelyn Lauer received one of those half finished customs.
She writes:  I had gotten stymied with the polo pony that I was working on so I put him away, and I've been waiting for this foal to speak to me. Not long ago this little one decided it was time. You can also see the reference I'm using for positioning.
I’ve having so much fun with this little guy/girl; I hacked off the head and neck, moved legs and worked on feet.
Plus the little face was so lopsided I had to cut out and move one eye and work on the nostril and muzzle on one side!!
Just yesterday I added the mane and today I threw on a coat of primer so I could get a feel of where I’m at.
Oh, I know it’s not perfect but you have to remember this is the furthest I’ve ever been with customizing!!!
I was always too scared to cut up anything before but with this one... well, I’m having so much fun!  Even with hacking off the head and neck, moving leg joints and the eye, there hasn't been the stark fear of working on a model - it’s been replaced with the excitement of going down to the studio each day!! Sure it’s still all new but I’m really enjoying all that I’m learning.

Thank you for that.... 

You're welcome, Evelyn, and thank you for sharing your baby's progress.  She looks wonderful already, and I just know she's going to be something special when she's finished!


Usually my mailman delivers in the afternoon, so today I went to the barn and ran all my errands early.  I was home at noon and found this in my mailbox.
I hate it when that happens!  Now I have to wait until nine o'clock tomorrow morning to meet the newest member of my herd.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

One of my earliest tack-for-model trades netted me this handsome North Light Appaloosa.
Dragon Tales formerly known as Twist + Shout and Just Leavum Laughing
He came with a full set of Carol Gerhard show photos.  Back in the day, Carol ran a successful photography service for would be photo showers.  Customers would send her a model, and she would return it with photographs in every conceivable event.  Although I was much too cheap to avail myself of her services, I always admired her pictures (and her tack collection!).  I've never shown any of Dragon Tales' Gerhard photos, but I'm happy to have them in my possession.  Hope you enjoy them, too!
Western Games (Crawl Through Barrel Race)
Cross Country
English Trail (sidepass over pole)
Calf Roping
Western Riding (this class used to include a gate)
English Bareback
Team Roping
Natural Trail
Western Pleasure
Circus Costume
English Pleasure
Flag Race
Team Penning
Western Bareback