Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jane's TJS donation

Donations for the Jennifer Show continue to flow in. This week's offerings included three gorgeous stable blankets by Jane Schneider.
I love Jane's blankets. They are so well made and show all of Jane's usual attention to detail. I especially appreciate the binding with its hidden stitches. It took me forever to figure out how she does that!
Jane also sent a new in box Breyer Country Gig. We will be offering this for sale to help pay for some of the costs associated with this show. 
Thank you so much, Jane. You are as generous as you are talented, and I know three lucky showers are going to love those blankets!

Zoo zoom

We heard that the Denver Zoo is a really good place to hunt Pokemon, so on Thursday, James and I and two of his friends headed over there for a day long Pokemon adventure.
Since I have no personal interest in Pokemon, I planned to spend my time taking photos. 
Unfortunately, it was really hot and the sun was really bright. Most of the animals were hunkered down in the shade...
or sleeping... 
or hunkered down in the shade and sleeping! 
 "Seriously, lady. It's too hot for this nonsense."
Because I am persistent and had a lot of time on my hands, I was able to get nice pictures of some of my favorite animals... 
but you know it's a hot day when the turtles are the most animated creatures at the zoo. 
As the day was winding down, I caught up with James, James and Javier. They all still had a little battery life left... 
so I decided to make one more pass by the zebra exhibit.
The zebras had been especially lifeless throughout the day... 
but this time, the baby was awake...
and ready to play. 
At first no one wanted to play with him...
but he wasn't taking no for an answer. 
It took him a while to get this mare going...
but once she started...
she was all in.
It was so fun watching them duck...
and buck... 
and zoom
Big snorty.
Little snorty.
What a good way to end the day! I may not have any personal interest in Pokemon, but I will happily support my kids' obsession, especially when zooming zebras are part of the equation.

Friday, July 29, 2016


A couple months ago, Erin asked Tiffany and I which Harley she should use as her original finish performance horse at this year's Breyerfest Live. I suggested the premier club Appaloosa.
"LOL," Erin said. "That's the only one I don't have."

"I have one," I told her. "Do you want to borrow him?"

"I would love to," she responded, "but I'd have to buy him from you. Breyerfest rules are very specific. I can't show someone else's horse. He needs to belong to me."
I had to think on that for a bit. My initial reaction was no. I received that model as a gift, and it wouldn't be right to make a profit on him.
Then it occurred to me that I didn't actually have to sell him to Erin. Instead, I could give him to her. In fact, nothing would be more fitting. This model originally belonged to Tiffany. She gave him to Margaret and Margaret gave him to me. It was only right that now I would pass him along to Erin. My only stipulation was that she keep his name.
One week ago, Regifted won the Breyerfest Live OF Western Performance Championship...
and was later crowned Reserve Overall OF Performance Champion.
I am so happy with the way this all worked out. Congratulations, Erin and Regifted!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Updates and reminders

July is supposed to be filled with kids, 
outdoor adventures... 
and lots of horses.
This month has had some good moments, but mostly it's been a long, hot, sad and stressful time. The situation with my parents continues to weigh heavily on my mind, and yesterday this happened.
Everyone is okay, which is, of course, the main concern. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Seth's car. He thinks he might be able to fix it, but for the time being we're a one car family. This has made a difficult month that much more so. I am counting the days until August.

Which reminds me...
Early bird entry for the Jennifer Show closes on August 1. If you're planning to attend the show, enter now to receive a reduced entry fee, plus a chance at winning a nameplate halter by me... 
or an unpainted Dainty Darcy resin by Jennifer Scott.
Complete entry information can be found on the Jennifer Show website. Don't be left out. This is going to be the hobby event of the year (or so we hope!).

Sunday, July 24, 2016


About a month ago, I stumbled upon a sales listing for an Eberl Cisco resin painted by Pat Hefty.
He looked like a perfect companion to my Queenie resin, who also painted by Pat. I contacted the seller to see if she would take payments. She was amenable, so I sold a few things and got him paid off in time for a Breyerfest week delivery.
Tucker arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with him.
He looks like a really nice ranch type, usin' horse and reminds me a bit of Chino.
This particular model was CM/AR Other Performance Champion at NAN 2006.
photo by NAMHSA
He's had blaze added since then and not by Pat. Part of me wishes that hadn't happened, but at least whoever did it, did a good job of it. If I didn't know otherwise, I would think it was original. 
A lot has happened in my life since I first set eyes on this model. There wasn't a lot of new pony excitement surrounding his arrival. Now that he's here, however, I am happy to have him again. 
And I think Queen B agrees!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Like a boss

Ever since school let out, Tiffany has been sending me pictures like this...
and this... 
and this! 
I've really enjoyed watching the parts and pieces of her Breyerfest Live entries...
grow from concept... 
to completion. 
So many little things... 
turning into big things... 
and so many bigger things... 
turning into really big... 
and complicated things! 
Yesterday was Breyerfest Live, and I finally got to see all the things come together. This is the entry with the cows and the panniers.
It helped Tiffany's Bobby Jo/Totilas cross win the Custom Western Performance Championship. 
And here's Sassy Little Secret with that amazing basket saddle... 
and again, with her adorable mini Mieka
On the strength of these and other equally accomplished entries, Sassy's Little Secret claimed the Overall Custom Performance title. 
Congratulations, Tiffany, on another outstanding performance. I am so glad all your hard work was rewarded!