Sunday, March 31, 2019

BreyerWest people

As much as I enjoyed the model horses, real horses and carousel horses in Oregon, the best part of BreyerWest was the people. Here are some of the people who made this year's event so memorable.
Jennifer Scott
Cameron Clow
Heather Malone
Sandra Gibson and Meredith Conrad
Heather Puleo and Jennifer Buxton
Melanie Miller
Missy Show, Sandra Gibson and Rebecca Shaw
Maggie Jenner-Bennett
Barrie Getz and Cameron Clow
Lynn Weber and Heather Malone
Missy Shaw
Sandra Gibson and Cameron Clow
Olive Hintz
Kenzie Williamson
Meredith Conrad
Barrie Getz
Cameron Clow
Christina Riley
Erin Corbett and Kristen Cermele
Meredith Conrad
Erin Corbett

BreyerWest recap

So... BreyerWest.
I left Denver on Thursday. 
Jennifer Scott and I were on the same plane and drove together from Portland to Albany. We stopped for errands and drinks... 
then checked into the host hotel with its million dollar view. The rest of the evening was spent greeting old and new friends as they also arrived at the Phoenix.
Friday was the Open Show.
I wasn't showing or judging, so I spent most of the day with Jenn and Maggie Jenner-Bennett, both of whom were similarly unencumbered.
We walked through the barns petting noses...
and taking pictures.
Not going to lie, I took this photo for the express purpose of teasing Fabian.
We also watched some of the performances in the indoor ring.
The best part of the day, however, was spent not at BreyerWest or the NorthWest Horse Expo, but at the nearby Historic Carousel and Museum.
We made it back to BreyerWest in plenty of time to see the winners of the Custom division get their prizes. Congratulations, Melanie Miller and Ruth Sheridan!
The evening wrapped with a group dinner and more Margaritas. No one took a photo, so here's a picture of my BreyerWest roomie, Sandy Sanderson, who judged the Open Show Performance division.
Saturday was workshop day. First Maggie taught everyone how to paint a micro mini.
Then I led a halter making class.
photo by Bethany Shaw
Finally, Kylee Parks shared her method for sculpting medallions.
I was part of all three workshops. It was a long day of intense arting, but I learned so much. Thank you, Maggie and Kylee!
After Kylee's class ended, everyone raced back to the Phoenix for the BreyerWest Swap meet. I was absolutely delighted to score some of Nichelle Jones' amazing blankets and saddlebags as well as a couple 1:9 scale skulls from Maggie. Hurray for new toys!
photo by Christina Riley
Sunday was the Youth/Novice Show. I had the pleasure of judging the small but competitive performance division. 
I also spent some time on the other side of the hall, socializing with some of my favorite people and contributing to Mel's horse/dinosaur hybrid. So fun!
photo courtesy of Christina Riley
That was pretty much the end of BreyerWest. 
Almost everyone wanted to sleep in on Monday, but Cameron Clow and I wanted to go hiking, so we did that instead. 
After that we met up with Christina Riley, Heather Malone, Erin Corbett, Kristen Cermele, Meredith Conrad and Barrie Getz for lunch...
and shopping.
I left early so I could spend some time with my sister, Erin, and her dogs, Bobo and Sonic.
On Tuesday, I flew home.
Thank you, Erin Corbett for another amazing BreyerWest experience.
I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Further and further

I still haven't started finished writing about Kylee Parks' amazing Super-CALI-Fragilistic Live...
and now I'm getting ready to board a plane headed for Oregon and BreyerWest.
Clearly, I am never going to get caught up.
I blame NaMoPaiMo.
That said, I will try my best to send a few "postcards" from the road, and maybe, eventually write a post or twenty. 
Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing some of you in Oregon!