Monday, January 31, 2011

Enjoying the cold

I am not a big fan of cold weather but it does have its benefits.  On days like today when the temperature never climbs above freezing, I am perfectly content to spend the entire work day in the studio.  Here's a look at how I used that time.

These girths will go with Marci and Erin's saddleseat saddles.  These look pretty simple but are surprisingly time consuming.  I find them much more difficult than a regular contour English girth.
Next up is Sophie's raffle halter.  I still need to find some ultra-fine chain for the throatlatch, but otherwise, it's ready to go.
Tomorrow's forecast high is four degrees so I expect that will be another productive day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More vintage goodness

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of yesterday's post was deciding which pictures to use.  The custom division was a wealth of vintage custom beauties and for each photo selected, there were easily two or three more that were equally worthy.  Here are a few that just barely missed the cut.

Once again, I'm starting with a Lynn Fraley model.  I just love her old customs!
Jemez Aguilar (Fraley) owned by Laura Keefer
This colorful guy was created by the late Judy Renee Pope.
Atari Baby (Pope) owned by Laura Keefer
There's no mistaking Diane Capwell's work, particularly when the model in question is a  spotty mule!
Kalico Kat (Capwell) owned by Laura Keefer
Although I'm not generally a Big Ben fan, I just love this piece by Lisa Rivera.
Hoi Polloi (Rivera) owned by Laura Keefer
And the Froelichs!  Oh, there were so many Froelichs at this show!
Marney's Treasure (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
I especially like this draft mare...
RM Last Rose of Summer (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
and her foal. 
Roses Don't Fade (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
Proof that Diane Capwell isn't the only one who knows how to make a spotty mule!
RM Pop Art (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
Yet another one of Julie's beauties--the artists of yesteryear were as prolific as they were talented!
S&M Nonstop Cabaret (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
This next model is an older piece by my friend Tiffany Purdy.  Unlike many of the artists featured in this post, Tiff is still creating amazing drastic customs.
*Blumchen (Purdy) owned by Peg Harris
 Jeanine Hartrampf created this cute baby.
SJ Dangerous Man (Hartrampf) owned by Laura Keefer
Last but certainly not least, is this lovely Adios custom owned and customized by Marie Spinella Phillips. 
TS Dragon Warrior customized and owned by Marie Phillips
Again, thanks to Laura, Peg, Marie and all the wonderful ladies who of MEPSA for allowing me to use their photos here.  It's so wonderful to see these beautiful older pieces!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A trip down memory lane

The year may be 2011, but judging the Custom Division of the January MEPSA Resin/Custom Photo Show has made me feel like it's 1996 all over again.  That was the year that I first got online and discovered the Model Horse Gallery.  Oh, the hours I spent leaning into the screen studying those amazing r/r/h models!  I couldn't get enough of the work of artists like Lynn Fraley,

Charm City Broker (Fraley) owned by Laura Keefer
 Sarah Minkiewicz,

LeBijou (Minkiewicz) owned by Laura Keefer
Elizabeth Bouras,
Devil's Plaything (Bouras) owned by Laura Keefer
Judy Renee Pope,

Sharice (Pope) owned by Peg  Harris
 Laurie Jo Jensen,

Diamontine Star (Jensen) owned by Laura Keefer
 Diane Capwell,
Dot Com Shakedown (Capwell) owned by Laura Keefer
 Lisa Rivera,
No Regrets (Rivera) owned by Laura Keefer

Tom Bainbridge,

Nonsuch Dolwyn (Bainbridge) owned by Laura Keefer
 Julie Froelich,
Chitown Boss (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
 Rae Ann Sneathen,

Psyche's Aphrodite (Sneathen) owned by Laurel Dedes
Carlee Balling,
Tuxedo Junction (Balling) owned by Laura Keefer
and Janice Brent.

Delvaux (Brent/Pope)
 Oh, don't get me wrong.  This show also included some really nice models...
Over Easy owned by Laurel Dedes
by newer artists...
Tickle Me Sir Tom owned and customized by Dani Schacht
on brand new molds.
Suncatcher Baby owned by Randi Brazil
Still, for me at least, this division was all about those beautiful older pieces...
Zip Zam Bam (Fraley/Minkiewicz) owned by Laura Keefer
by some of the hobby's most venerable artists.
Jemez Flint (Fraley) owned by Laura Keefer
And you know, I think these models are every bit as amazing today as they were fifteen years ago!  Thanks so much to Laura, Laurel, Peg, Randi and Dani for allowing me to share these pictures!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The WEG Diorama Poject in JAH

In the last thirty years, I have let my subscription to Just About Horses lapse twice.  The first time was in the early 1990's when I was living on the A show hunter/jumper circuit.  The second time was last fall.  I hadn't planned on not subscribing, but the renewal card came while my husband was unemployed.  Money was tight and I was reluctant to spend it on anything but the absolute necessities.  I set the card aside figuring I'd send it in later, but somehow I never got around to it.

Truth be told, I didn't miss it at first.  I'm not really a part of the magazine's target audience.  I no longer collect original finish models and I don't go to Breyerfest.  Most of JAH's content has nothing to do with me.

And then...  It did!  

The most recent issue of Just About Horses includes an eight page article about the WEG Diorama Project.  I am mentioned by name on page eight and there is a beautiful close-up picture of my bridle.  Oh, what a terrible time to be unsubscribed!  Fortunately, I have some wonderful friends in this hobby.  Thanks so much to Kim and Elena for sending me these scans and to everyone who has offered to give me their copies.  I really appreciate it!

For all the other interested non-subscribers, here is the article in its entirety.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Today's pictures come from the Donkey Cart class held last week at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.  This class was open to donkeys of all sizes and carts of all styles.  The competitors walked and trotted in both directions of the arena and before being called to the center to receive their ribbons.  As in the showmanship class, top honors went to the white donkey.  This was a very well trained donkey who had performed willingly all day.  However, even he wasn't immune to a little donkey stubborness.  When his number was called to receive the blue ribbon, he refused to walk forward and eventually an official had to come over and give him a jump-start!