Monday, June 30, 2014

Trash talk

All these NAN and Breyerfest orders created a lot of skiver debris.  
My trash can is almost full. 
Woo hoo!  Just one inch to the top. 
Then one of those rowdy dolls from Massachusetts decided to mash it all down.
I guess I'd better get back to work!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zoo duns

As much as I like the Grevy's Zebras, they're not my favorite equids at the Denver Zoo.  That distinction goes to the Mongolian Wild Horses (also known as Przewalski Horses or Takhi).
The youngest member of the herd is little Sube.
She was born just over one year ago, and has grown a lot since my last visit.  Here she is with her mother, Yisun and boss mare, Bernia... 
and again with her father, Bartaar. 
Such a pretty girl!
This is Yisun...
and this is Bartaar.
He has the most interesting markings on his shoulders.  Even if he wasn't the only stallion, he'd be easy to recognize. 
 Last but not least, this is Bernia.
This old mare always looks a bit poor.  She's ribby and her coat still has patches of winter hair.
Still, I think she's beautiful.  Such a wise old face! 
I could spend hours watching these horses.
Hopefully, it won't be another year before I go back to see them again!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zoo stripes

Today Ryan, James, Javier and I went to the Denver Zoo.
I like all the animals, but the equids are my favorites...
so we visited the Grevy's Zebras first.
I was hoping to see little Xena, but the only youngster in the zebra pen was a droopy little colt.
See?  Droopy!
Even his mane is droopy!
Most zebras have manes that stand up vertically...
but droopy colt's mane flops over to the side, almost like a horse's.
Both his mother...
and father have normal zebra manes.  
I wonder if his mane will stay this way?
Mongolian Wild Horses are next!

Friday, June 27, 2014

All in the family

Teresa's Aunt Kit passed away a while back, leaving behind a large collection of embroidery floss.
Teresa isn't interested in needlecraft, so she decided to distribute the floss amongst some of her hobby friends.
Most of it came here.
 Her only request was that I make something for her with it.
It took me a long time... 
but now I finally have! 
Thanks again for all the great floss, Teresa.  I hope you like your new bridle with those lovely Aunt Kit reins!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Purdy progress

Tiffany's 2014 NAN/Breyerfest wishlist included a pink pony jumper set, a full set of roper boots, a Morgan halter, a sparkly stock halter and--last but not least--one set of panniers to match the packing set I sent her last month.
I finished the panniers last night and did a little happy dance. 
Then Tiffany said, "You're not going to believe this. I don't have any pink roping reins."


First off, I know I've made her pink roping reins.  Also, why is this my problem?  Roping reins are extremely easy to make.  They're just braided floss with a little bit of leather on the ends.  Tiffany has made multiple costumes and parade sets.  She is more than capable of creating her own roping reins.
On the other hand, Tiffany's my best friend.  It won't kill me to make her some pink roping reins.  
All of this stuff is on its way to Illinois 
Good luck at NAN and Breyerfest, Tiffany.  And no more last minute additions!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Almost wordless Wednesday

It's been a while since I've posted a baby update, and I am happy to report that everyone is doing well and getting bigger and stronger with every passing day.  Today's photos show the three young 'uns and my own young 'un spending time together in Kenlyn's pastures.  I've also included a couple pictures of Mystyc because she's cute, too.  Enjoy!