Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Almost wordless Wednesday

The theme for this year's BreyerFest Diorama Contest was Prost Parade! Entrants were asked to create a scene from a German festival using at least one Breyer model in any scale. Here are some of the entries that were on display when I visited the tent on Friday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The queen of clean

 Before I got Olive, I spent several years riding a series of piggy-poo white horses.


I miss every single one of those horses, but I do not miss grooming them.
Yesterday we got three inches of rain in Aurora.
This morning, the barn was a wet, muddy mess, and most of the horses looked like this.
Not Olive. Other than muddy hooves and some splashes on her legs, she was as clean as ever.
It was too slick to ride, so I turned her out instead. She walked around, sniffed some poop and said hi to the neighbors. She did not roll.
Olive loves to roll, but only when it's dry. 
She is the opposite of a piggy-poo white horse. If it's even a little bit muddy, she stays on all fours.
After her turnout, I gave her a really good, thorough grooming. It felt a bit like tempting fate, kind of like washing your car when storms are in the forecast.
I'm not worried. Olive is the Queen of Clean. I'm willing to bet she'll look just as good tomorrow except for muddy hooves and splashed legs.
Good girl, Olive!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Nine month Oliversary

Today Olive and I celebrated our nine month Oliversary.

We've done a lot things in our time together...
November, February, May, August
but this month has been pretty quiet.
I blame the heat, BreyerFest and post-BreyerFest health issues.
Instead of doing a lot of riding, we've been working on other things, like ponying.
I don't think this will ever be Olive's favorite thing...
Come on, Olive!...
but she reliably stops, starts and changes direction. Good enough!
Together with Karen and her new horse, Roy, we've also spent a lot of time working in the retention pond between the stable and the golf course.
We've done a lot of hill work...
and practiced our water crossings.
I thought this might be a problem for Olive, so we did it in hand first.
As it turns out, this was a non issue.
Good pony!
Today I asked her to walk through the dry. She didn't love it, but she was good.
She's always good.
I love this pony.
Happy nine month anniversary, Olive. Here's looking forward to many, many more.