Sunday, June 20, 2021


She lived just twenty minutes from my college apartment, on a forty acre horse farm owned by her parents. We exchanged a few letters, arranged a meeting and hit if off immediately. For the next three years, I spent nearly every weekend riding horses with Trisha.
Except it wasn't just riding. Trisha would pick me up in the morning, and I would spend the entire day with her and her family. I ate their food, watched their tv and used their washer and drier. This could have been annoying, but fortunately, Trisha's parents didn't seem to mind. Norm and Donna treated me like family, and for a few years, they really were my second parents. 
photo by Meghan Scott Molin
And what horse girl wouldn't have wanted a second dad like Norm? 
Norm's 2011 Century Club (where the age of horse and rider total at least 100 years) ride on  Amie Phoenix+ 
Although not a rider, he was definitely a horseman. In addition to breeding and showing Arabians, he also worked as a horse show announcer, served as president of the Colorado Arabian Club and was active in the Colorado Horse Council. He was a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, an original board member of the Colorado Horse Development Authority and part of the management team of the Western National 4H Horse Classic. Norm was named Colorado Horse Person of the Year in 1995 and received a Lifetime Achievement award in 2013.
Norm knew everyone. He introduced me to so many notable horse people and was my best job reference when I applied for my first post-college job.
In the decades since then, we've seen each other only sporadically, but Norm always greeted me like his long lost daughter. He made me feel like I was exactly the person he wanted to see. I'm sure he was like that with everyone, but it always made me feel important, special, seen.
He was one of the most hardworking, cheerful (except when his team was losing!) and ageless people I've ever met. 
Norm Brown passed away last week. I will miss him terribly.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

More pictures from yesterday

Yesterday I drove up to Thornton to visit my friend Teresa and meet her new horse, Helix.
I asked her if I could bring Piper, and she said that was fine. Neither one of us thought we needed to clear it with her cat, Cowboy.
It turns out that while Piper is good with cats, Cowboy is not okay with dogs. There were some seriously scary Luna/Ruth vibes happening here. 
We retreated to the basement, which was actually great because that's where Teresa's collection lives.
Just look at her brand new Jennifer Scott Anise by Mindy Berg. So lovely!
Speaking of Jennifer Scott, hers was the first horse I saw when we arrived at Volte Farms.
This is Jenn's Morgan gelding, Edgefield Gemstone AKA Rocky.
So handsome!
I also saw Jenn's heart horse, Ivy, although she was barely recognizable under the nose to toes fly clothes.
Ditto Teresa's former main squeeze, Waldo.
Because there is a pond next door, Volte has a lot of bugs. Most of the horses were wearing fly gear, which is not great for photography.
One of the only exceptions was this cute little Mustang mare, Olive.
Piper and I both fell in love with her!
Piper is such a good girl. This was a long, hot day, but she was cheerful and well behaved through all of it.
She definitely earned her first ever Puppucino!
Thanks again, Teresa. That was a really fun day!

Helix the horse

Like a lot of people, I coped with the pandemic by adopting a dog. My friend and fellow model horse hobbyist, Teresa Buzzell, went a step further. Look at her pandemic pet.

This is Helix of Solstice. He is a four year registered Trakehner, who is also half Arabian.
Teresa's first horse, Flick, was a pinto, and she really, really wanted spots this time, too. Despite that, she ended up with a plain bay, with two low socks, a barely there snip and a few white hairs on his forehead.
It's okay. A good horse is never a bad color. 
Teresa is still sorting out saddles, so yesterday wasn't a riding day. 
Instead, it was a lunging day.
It's easy to see why Teresa sacrificed the spots. Helix is a good mover.
More importantly, he has a really good brain.
I foresee a long, happy, successful partnership for these two.
Congratulations, Teresa. I love your pandemic pony!

Friday, June 18, 2021

BCC Excellence in Finishwork

Our tour of the BreyerFest Best Customs Contest concludes with the Excellence in Finishwork category. This is, by far, the largest class in the competition. There are twenty eight horses in this collage, and probably another twenty eight that I missed. 

Today is busy, so instead of the usual quote filled chit chat, I'm using a pared down pictures and captions only format. Thank you to every single artist who shared their BCC entry photos with the Braymere blog. You're all winners to me!
Tammi Palmarchuk
Bethany Wurl
Billie Campbell
Brie Cundiff
Caroline Sigwalt
Celsie Rae Abelt
Clarissa Quinn
Cynthia Wyatt-Briley
Ellen Yanosky
Heather Bullach
Heather Jackson-Lain
Joanna Chronister
Julie Ward
Kenzie Williamson
Kimberly Bleecker
Kirsten Wellman
LeeAnn Bachman
Lori Larsen
Lynn Cassels-Caldwell
Madison Rigney
Meredith Warren
Missy Shaw
Morriah Voogd
Rachel Alford
Sascha Nightstar
Tegan Davis
Teresa Botkins
Stephanie Blaylock