Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day twenty seven

February is almost over, and I am determined to finish my horse before the stroke of midnight tomorrow. 
 I am finally satisfied with her color, so I spent the morning working on markings.
Then the mailman delivered a box from Erin Corbett. 
art by Sandra Gibson
There were strict instructions not to open the box until someone was home to video the unveiling. I found it extremely difficult to comply, but I was able to keep myself busy by focusing on the things I still needed to paint...
like Aggie's teeth...
Then--finally!--the kids came home from school and this happened.
I can not believe he's mine.
Seriously, there are no words...
except for those on his butt cheek! 
I love him!
A million thank yous to Erin Corbett, Mindy Berg, Karen Beeson, Dayle Steinke, Christine Jordan, Christina Harrington, Kristy Thiessen, Heather Puleo, Jennifer Lambert, Devon Comstock, Elena Lemm, Mary Berry, Barb Ness, Libbie Grant, Heather Jackson-Lain, Meredith Conrad, Shannon Southard, Jason Burns, Danielle Hart, Kirsten Wellman, Cindy Evans, Allie Davidson, Cheryl Wood, Liz Bailey, Kay Schlumpf, Maggie Bennett, Kate Schick, Kate Cabot, Airen Chandler, Sara Roche, Shana Bobbit, Carra McClelland, Lauren Mauldin, Melissa Lauritzen, Lori Larsen, Sara Bowman, Twyla Wehnes, Marci Driscoll, Lindsay Diamond, Leah Koerper, Emma Hardwood, Kristen Cermele, Sarah Townsend, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, Erika Baird, Wendy Williamson, Bethany Shaw, Leslie Osborn, Tanja Kownatka, Beatha Sellman, Pat Rutz, Mackenzie Purdy, Sommer Prosser, Fabian Rodriguez, Amy McCudden, Robin Hudson, Janna Shepherd, Yashka Hallein, Jennifer Thorp, Emma Ransom-Jones, Jessica Geer, Jennifer Scott, Laura Skillern, Kaitlin Lewington, Tiffany Purdy, Paula Hecker, Sandra Gibson, Tracy Eilers, Bobbie Mosimann, Jennifer Kroll, Kristian Beverly, DeeAnn Kjelshus, Hellen Ferguson, Rachel Fail, Kristin Verbonus, Melissa Addison, Bobbie Allen, Anne Field, Melissa Halvas, Gail Hildebrand, Jodi Purdy, Heather Frystack, Lynn Royea, Jackie Arns-Rossi and Heather Malone. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. You are the NaMoPaiMo Champions of the Day!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

What are you doing today?

We're painting, of course!
photo and model by Bethany Shaw
photo and model by Carra McClelland
photo and model by Kristen Cermele
photo and model by Maddie Klein
photo and model by Erkia Baird
photo and model by Erica Feguson
photo and model by Jen Johnson
photo and model by Julie Bultema
photo and model by Erika Ipes
photo and model by Martha Bechtel
photo and model by Meredith Conrad
photo and model by Nicole Severs
photo and model by Rayvin Brewer
photo and model by Sarja von Seefeld
photo and model by Twyla Brower Wehnes
photo and model by Zane Lahdenranta‎

Saturday, February 25, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day twenty five

I did go riding today.
It was a typical Colorado winter day with cold temperatures and bright sunshine. Sprite felt great, and I was happy to be out there sharing the day with her.
As much as I enjoyed the ride, however, I never really stopped thinking about painting. Sprite's little bay ears were a constant reminder of the color I wanted for Aggie, but had not achieved.
After the ride, I spent some time with Karen and Bob, and again, I found myself mentally comparing shades of bay. I thought to myself, "I am never going to be happy with that Aggie!"...
so I went home and did this. I'm not sure if I fixed her or wrecked her, but either way, I have no regrets. I had to do something.
And, you know, at least I didn't cut her head off!
photo by Sara Gifford
February is a short month, but it kind of feels like I've been working on this horse forever. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll finish her body color. Then it's on to markings and details. Can I get this done by Tuesday night? Only time will tell.

Friday, February 24, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day twenty four

I did not feel like painting today. 

Normally that would be okay, but this is crunch time. There are only four days left in February. If I want to finish Aggie before the NaMoPaiMo deadline, I can't be taking days off.
I spent my morning in the studio. It wasn't a lot of fun, but I got a lot done. Most of the patchy places are filled in, and the blending on the body is much improved. It looks like I still need to work on those legs, though! 
Judging from my Facebook feed, this was a generally difficult day in NaMoPaiMo land. 
photo and model by Lauren Wood
A few people completed their models...
photo and model by Christine Jordan
but mostly, there were reports of broken legs,
photo and model by Clarissa Quinn
photo and model by Katherine Irving
and flaking paint...
photo and medallion by Jen Boss
and endless amounts of lint. 
photo and model by Twyla Brower Wehnes
We're a resilient bunch, so we soldiered on...
photo and model by Cindy Evans
but in my heart of hearts, I think that Ellen Coleman...
Ellen Coleman
and Jen Johnson had the right idea!
photo by Jen Johnson
Thank you to everyone who continues to fight the good fight. There's just a few days left. We can do this!

Friday favorites

As of this morning, there are sixty six finished horses in the NaMoPaiMo "I Did It!" album, all of which are uniquely wonderful and fully deserving of the NaMoPaiMo Winner title.
That said, there are a few standouts.
I absolutely love this Breyer Bobby Jo painted by Austin DeShields. He used an airbrush, pigments and pencils to create this soft yet detailed bay roan.
Austin says this horse will be offered for sale. I don't know the details and I probably can't afford her, but I would not mind having this face on my shelf!
The next notable model is an Eberl Komet painted by Polish artist, Ela Zarzecka of Metalfish Art
 Ela has shared every step of this model's creation,
and I have fallen in love with his beautiful face... 
and perfectly rendered details. 
Komet is currently listed on Model Horse $ales Pages. Check out his ad, if you're looking for a top notch Warmblood to add to your resin show string!
 Next up is Nikki Button's tiny Zug resin.
I have to admit, my initial attachment to this piece had as much to do with Nikki's dogs...
as it did to the resin itself. 
After all, I like my resins big... and this one fits neatly into the palm of your hand! 
 Still, now that I've seen the finished piece, I almost don't care about his diminutive size.
Just look at that squishy pink nose! It needs kissing.
Zug is also listed on MH$P. You can view his ad here.
It's a close race, but this next horse is probably my favorite Favorite.
This is a Kitty Cantrell Wahoo resin painted to this amazing Appaloosa by Mindy Berg
I love every single thing about this horse. 
He reminds me of the old time Appaloosas of my youth... 
especially in this photo! 
Mindy does this professionally, so I expect this model will also come up for sale at some point. Please do not tell me when that happens. I know I won't be able to afford him, and he's the sort of horse for which I would commit crimes. Kidding/not kidding.
Congratulations, Austin, Ela, Nikki and Mindy! Your work is inspiring, and you are the NaMoPaiMo Champions of the Day!