Sunday, July 31, 2022

July horses: Olive

Earlier this month, Olive and I celebrated our eight month Oliversary.

Unlike all our previous Oliversaries, we did not celebrate this one together. I was playing with tiny horses in Kentucky.
She was at home in Colorado.
This is the first time I've left her for more than just a day.
Not going to lie: It was kind of painful.
Fortunately, I have a really good support system. Susan and Lee gave Olive gave her her daily supplements and turned her out every other day. Teresa groomed her and rode her.
Seth leveled and bedded her stall.
He also taught her to eat Circus Peanuts.
Honestly, she probably didn't miss me much at all.
That's okay. I missed her enough for the two of us.
I could not wait to come home and ride her again.
but mostly, it's been a lot of this...
and this.
My Little Red Train.
I love her so much.
Happy belated, Oliversary, best girl. We'll make sure the next one is extra special.

July horses: Point Given

 There were a lot of really nice horses stabled at the Kentucky Horse Park during BreyerFest week. 

The Celebration Horse, Nikolas, was exceptionally fabulous...
and I can not say enough good things about my best boy, Oakley.
That said, my favorite horse at the Park - this year and every year - is wonderful, old Point Given.
After our semi-successful photo shoot with him on Saturday, Christie, Lauren and I stayed with him until he was turned out for the night.
Not going to lie, I was hoping to see the Big Red Train burst from his stall at a full gallop.
That didn't happen.
Instead, he trotted out to the middle of his paddock,
slowed to a walk...
and put his head down and started eating.
It was something I've seen a million other horses do a million other times, but this is Point Given.
Everything he does is special.
I am so happy Point Given lives at the Kentucky Horse Park now, and I look forward to seeing him again and again at future BreyerFests.

Weekend Showcase: Tyrion at the Artisan's Gallery

Last year, Erin Corbett and Kristen Cermele bought a taxidermied badger during their Virtual BreyerFest meet-up.

The badger made an appearance at this year's BreyerWest, and just like that, taxidermied animals were a hobby thing. #BlameErin
Timeshare Badger was not in attendance at BreyerFest, but Christine Jordan's fox, Tyrion, more than made up for his absence.
Tyrion made the rounds each night at the Artisan's Gallery. On Friday, I followed in his wake taking photos of his interactions with various attendees. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Tyrion and Amanda Brock
Tyrion and Christie Richardson
Tyrion and Heather Malone
Tyrion and Heather Malone
Tyrion and Jennifer Scott
Tyrion and Jennifer Scott
Tyrion and Kenzie Williamson
Tyrion and Kenzie Williamson
Tyrion and Kylee Parks
Tyrion and Kylee Parks
Tyrion and Laura Skillern
Tyrion and Lauren Hoeffer
Tyrion and Mackenzie Purdy
Tyrion and Marezilla
Tyrion and Sommer Prosser, Laura Skillern and Marezilla
Tyrion and Marezilla
Tyrion and Jennifer Buxton
Tyrion and Melanie Miller
Tyrion and Morgen Kilbourn
Tyrion and Robbie Ramirez
Tyrion and Shauna McDaniel