Friday, September 30, 2016

Spotting dogs at the Jennifer Show

There were a lot of dogs on the performance table at the Jennifer Show.
I spotted dogs in carts,
dogs holding leads,
dogs on benches...
and dogs in tubs. 
There were dogs dressed in costumes...
and horses dressed as dogs.
Some of the dogs were an important part of the entry.
Others were just kind of hanging out.
Really, Mackenzie? In a Western Pleasure class?
Some of the best and most ambitious dog spots of the day included Niki Hertzog's fox hunting entry (which won a Stanley resin)...
and Marilyn Jensen's amazing Jackrabbit Hunt scene.
Oh, I just love the little pupper in the tub! 
Marilyn was a big supporter of  the Jennifer Show's Model Dogspotting Challenge, so I was delighted to award her Karen Gerhardt's Keeshond tile.
The most impressive dogspot of the day, however,  wasn't part of a performance entry. It was a stand alone tribute to military dogs and their handlers by Colorado hobbyist, Nancy Dement.
Here's the documentation. 
I really loved this one and awarded it a custom glazed collie tile by Lesli Kathman. Thanks so much for setting that up, Nancy. It was awesome!
Photo by Marilyn Jensen
Thanks, too, to everyone who brought a model dog to the Jennifer Show. That was a lot of fun!


  1. Thank you for letting me share with everyone. MWD are the most amazing dogs out there.

    1. I just loved the Soldier and his Partner!! <3

  2. You never clarified why the dog in the buggy in the first post was controversial, or did I miss it?