Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August horses

Despite getting off to a rocky start with Delilah's throat injury, this was a pretty good month in the saddle.

Most of my time was split between Stealth...
and Guaranteed,
but I also enjoyed rides on Delilah...
and Thunder.
photo by Claire
Non-riding barn time included several photo shoots. 
Here's the results of Thunder's Glamour Shots session.
So handsome!
I didn't do nearly as well with Guaranteed, but this one turned out okay.
It's been a good August, but I am ready for September. Autumn is my favorite riding season, and I am looking forward to cooler temperatures and fall colors. Just a few more weeks!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Today we ride

It's back to school season, and James will be moving back to Fort Collins later today.

I told him that I'd like to spend some time with him before he left and asked if there was anything he'd like to do. He said he'd be happy to go on a ride, so that's what we did this morning.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures this summer so I packed my big camera in hopes of getting some really great photos. That didn't happen.
Stealth in Stealth mode. Ugh.
Fortunately, all was not lost. We crossed paths with Therese and Karen in the river bottom.
Therese took a couple pictures of us.
I really like this one.
Fort Collins is only an hour and a half away. I know I'll see James again soon, but it's not the same as having him at home. 
I'm really going to miss him.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Winter Games

There's a new face at Braymere Custom Saddlery.
This is Winter Games, a traditional scale Kim Murray Bennett resin painted by Lynn Cassels-Caldwell.
He arrived right in the midst of my pre-BreyerFest rush, so it's taken me a while to get photos of him. Happily, these were worth the wait.
His dappled coat is perfection from one end...
to the other!
I've been working on Auron on and off all year. At this point, he is almost ready for markings.
"Hurry up, little brother. We have things to do and places to go!"
Thank you, Kim and Lynn. I love my Capitol Equestrian ponies.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Summer games

I got up early this morning to watching the Olympic Show Jumping Team Final.

It did not disappoint. The horses went well, the jumps were beautiful and the U.S. Team won the silver in an exciting jump off.
Laura Kraut is my favorite. I used to know her a little bit back in the day.
It almost felt like a normal Before Times Olympics except for those empty stands...
The 1984 Olympics were held in Los Angeles, but the equestrian events mostly took place at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. This was a really wonderful thing for a horse crazy fifteen year old who lived just a few miles from the race track.
I got to choose one event to attend, and I picked the Show Jumping Individual Final, which was held on the last day of the Olympics. My mom and sister came came with me.
My best friend, Sarah, also joined us.
For some reason, this is the only picture I took of the ring. I think, perhaps, I knew that my poor pocket camera was not up to the task.
That's okay. There a lot of real photographers on hand to take photos of Melanie Smith-Taylor and Calypso,
Conrad Homfeld and Abdullah...
and Joe Fargis and Touch of Class.
As much as I enjoyed watching the Olympics on the computer this morning, it doesn't compare to being there in person. I hope someday I will experience that again.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Glamour shots

This is my last week with Delilah, and I expected to spend most of it in the saddle. Unfortunately, Delilah had a different plan.

Long story short, she injured her throat. No one knows how she did it. It looks like wire, and trust me, we have walked every inch of her stall and field. No wire, no sharp edges, no hazards at all. 


She's breathing fine, she's eating fine, she's going to be just fine. 
Still, better safe than sorry. She's not my horse, and I'm no longer comfortable riding her. 
Instead, I've been spending my time with her on the ground, grooming and taking photos.
Oh, so many photos!
Mary Jo joined us one day this week, so now Scarlett has glamour shots, too.
Such a pretty girl!
It's not the way I'd expected my time with Delilah to end, but it's fine. I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute with her, both in and out of the saddle.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Throwback Thursday

The last group of old live show performance pictures from Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's stash includes photos from the 1993, 1994 and 1995 editions of Northwest Congress.

The bulk of these photos were taken during the costume classes and championship callbacks.
The Arabian Costume classes were absolutely jam-packed, with most of the entries representing the Hollywood style costume.
As much as I love the ultra realistic Arabian tack we have today, I find these bright, big tasseled costumes to be very charming.
Notes on the back of the photo report that this is WV Symphony, a Status Symbol resin owned by Karen Gerhardt. Just lovely!
Onto Regalia!
While not as well attended as the Arabian class, some of these entries are quite impressive.
I wish we could see them better. Some might still be competitive today.
There's only one picture from the Other Costume class, but at least it's a good one. This is Regal Impersonator, a Karen Gerhardt Heart of Darkness resin owned by Laura Pervier.
Callback and championship photos from the Original Finish performance division show some of the popular performance molds of the time: Pluto, Stock Horse Stallion, Cantering Welsh Pony, Hartland Quarter Horse, San Domingo and Gem Twist.
It looks like the Stock Horse Stallion was the big winner!
Here's another Stock Horse Stallion.  This is Laura Pervier's Chinook's Wall Street, who was the 1995 Champion of the Custom Western Performance section.
WV Vigilant owned by Karen Gerhardt was Reserve.
This might also be a Championship photo. If so, that's some pretty nifty loot!
This shot of a harness class reminds me that carts used to be optional.
Other non-costume, non-championship entries that caught the photographer's eye include this impressive trail set-up...
and this race track betting window. Now that's something I would have never thought to build!
This concludes our look back at the live show performance showing in the Pacific Northwest circa 1988-1995. Thank you again, Sarah, for sending these pictures my way. I know I'm not the only one who enjoyed them.