Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kristian's TJS donation

Kristian Beverly is not just one of my favorite bloggers, she's also one of the hobby's best up and coming tack makers. Several months ago, I asked her to make something for the Jennifer Show. Although I didn't specify anything in particular, I was hoping for a nameplate halter similar to one I won in her Fear the Walking Dead giveaway.
Today, the mail man delivered a box from Kristian. There was, in fact, a nameplate halter.
There was also a book for the Dogspotting Challenge. That didn't surprise me. I know Kristian loves books.
The third item in the box was completely and entirely unexpected.
I can't believe she sent a saddle. 
I've been watching this one's progress on Facebook. It looked great in all of Kristian's pictures, but let me tell you--it's even better in person. 
What a great set of donations! 
Thank you so much, Kristian! 

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