Monday, September 26, 2016

TJS Western Performance, part one

Most Colorado performance shows have just one or two entries in the Roping class. Not the Jennifer Show! Once again, we had multiple tables covered with set-ups...
and the quality...
was as outstanding as the quanity!
I missed the Cutting class entirely, but I did make it back to the performance ring just in time to see Sheila set down the ribbons for the Other Stockwork class.
No surprise. Lu Heater's entry placed first...
with Sandy Sanderson's Pistol Pete in second. 
I know from personal experience, that both these ladies are extremely hard to beat in the Western classes.
Western Games was next.
This class was huge. Sheila asked permission to split, and I was happy to oblige that request. Honestly, I wouldn't have wanted to judge it either!
She chose to split it into "rodeo-type games"...
and "show-ring type games."
Erin's Treats?! won the Show-ring section...
and Sandy's Greybon raced to victory in Rodeo.
Other notable entries included Tiffany's Ranger Dongle with his nifty broom polo set-up...
and Erin's Mr. Purdtastic with this amazing rescue race entry.
The suspended tire prop was made by Leah Koerper and is high on my list of "hobby things I covet."
Seriously, this thing is so cool. Check out the pigeon poop!
The end is finally in sight--just four more classes before we name the Jennifer Show performance champions!


  1. Of all things, I am taken by the bay (dun?) in photo 2. What is that?! Great pigeon poop!! Thanks for sharing everything!