Sunday, October 31, 2021

It's in the blog

Speaking of Anne Field, she recently held her third - and probably final - Field of Dolls Online Show.
Like its predecessors, this show featured a full slate of standard performance classes, plus a really wonderful Scene/Specialty Division. Had I not been tapped to judge, I would have enjoyed creating entries for every single one of these classes.
Happily, when the entries are this good, judging is almost as much fun as showing. 
All the Scene/Specialty classes were amazing, but my favorite by far was "It's in the Blog." I could have awarded thirteen blue ribbons in this class alone, but alas, that was not an option. After a lot of hemming and hawing, Danielle Feldman's Molly Magoo got the top nod. This entry was inspired by a post I published thirteen years ago tomorrow. I absolutely love this costume and have always wanted to see it done in model scale. I am so glad Danielle did it. It looks even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.
Hannah Clark placed second and third with two Braymere blog inspired entries: Horse yoga...
and draft horse barrel racing. I love these both so much.
NaMoPaiMo is always near and dear to my heart, so fourth place went to Danielle's five year "family" photo.
Fifth went to Hannah for her depiction of blogger life...
and sixth went to Danielle for her sadly relate-able photo of her huge unpainted resin herd.
Other Braymere blog related entries that did not place, but totally should have included Elaine Lindelef's sheep,
Danielle's Horse Affrighted at a Lion.
and her NaMoPaiMo recreation.
I also loved Danielle's "All that and a bag of chips" which was featured on her blog during the Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show...
and Lynn Isenbarger's Horsie Mama blog themed entry featuring Circus Girl and Little Lynn.
My thirteenth blue ribbon goes to sweetsong's between-the-ears trail ride photo. I'm not sure who this is, but I really, really love the 1:9 scale recreation of my favorite type of photo.
Thank you so much to everyone who entered the Field of Dolls Online Fall Show. I truly love all your photos, even those that did not place. Thanks also to show holder extraordinaire, Anne Field. I say this all the time, but you really are awesome. It's been a real pleasure to be a part of your team.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Breyer therapy

This was a really crappy week so I indulged in a little bit of Breyer therapy.

The dog is a CollectA Bull Terrier.
He's Mushu's weird little brother.
The Gingerbread pony is cute, but she's not destined to live with me. She'll be heading to Anne Field on Monday.
Her blanket, however, is here to stay.
I "upgraded" it in much the same manner as Winter Games' taco costume.
It still needs leg straps, but it looks absolutely adorable on Purdylegs.
This was a crappy week - there's no getting around that - but I'm happy with my therapy Breyers. Next time, I need to get that fox!

Friday, October 29, 2021

In memoriam

Early in my relationship with Stealth, his owner told me that he wasn't photogenic. "Good luck getting his ears up," she said. "He always manages to look like a donkey."

Well, I love challenges.

I took hundreds of photos of Stealth during our years together. Sometimes his ears were up, sometimes not. Either way, I treasure every shot.