Saturday, September 24, 2016

TJS Other Performance, part two

Picking up where I left off yesterday, the next class in the Other Performance division at last Saturday's Jennifer Show was Parade.
Again, this was another big, competitive class...
with a lot of top notch entries.
Third place honors went to Margaret Balch's Daydream Believer. 
Tiffany's PHF Ranger Dongle was second... 
and Sandy's Mr. Dude claimed the blue. 
Showmanship was next. 
This is not my favorite class, so I didn't pay close attention...
to any of the entries... 
except one.

This is Niki Hertzog's Julian, wearing a really lovely set of in-hand stallion tack. This looks like it was custom made for Shannondell, but Niki said she'd owned it for a while. It was just a happy coincidence that it fit him so perfectly!
Apparently, Sheila was as impressed as I was, since this one the class!
The second to last class of the Other Performance division was Other Performance. 
There were a lot of neat set-ups in this one, but I was too busy elsewhere to photograph most of them.
Fortunately, I did manage to take a couple pictures of Lu's Indian Relay entry. This was really neat! 
I also liked Erin's carrot and stick entry. This is a great way to show a begging model in performance!
The Scene class and Other Performance Champions are next!

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  1. The stallion tack on Niki's Shannondell was made by Donna Hutchens of ShadowCat Tack.