Monday, September 12, 2016

Raffle preview #1

I am completely overwhelmed by the generosity of my fellow hobbyists. Every day I receive more donations for the Jennifer Show. My house is a sea of boxes.
Not all of them, not even close
If Jenn and I had any sense, we would save some of the overage for the Jennifer Show 2018. Neither one of us is interested in that, however. We're all about sharing the wealth, so there will be no hold-backs. Every single item is going to go home with someone. Some of it will be won as prizes, some will be given away as door prizes and still more will be raffled.

Oh yeah. We're going to have a great, big raffle.

Raffle items will include span the entire spectrum of our donations, including some things you've seen here...
Gaming tack by Olivia Leviton (horse not included)
and some you haven't.
Set of four custom framed Secretariat prints donated by Regan O'Keefe
Since new items continue to arrive every day, I won't have a complete list until the morning of the show. However, I will be previewing some of the lots in advance so people can plan their ticket purchases accordingly. 
Novelty horse set donated by Carol Beutel
One of the most unique donations we've received is this absolutely gorgeous necklace by Lu Heater. Within the hobby, Lu is well known for her Native American costumes, but outside the hobby, she is an accomplished jewelry artist. My picture does do this piece justice. It is spectacular. Thank you so much, Lu!
Aspiring tackmakers should take note of the next item. This is one of the last two print copies of Susan Bensema Young's timeless classic,  "Guide to Making Model Horse Tack." 
Sue signed and personalized the title page just for our show. Thank you, Sue!
Speaking of books, Carol Johnson donated a small reference library including three like new books on horse color by Jennifer Show judge, Lesli Kathman. These include The Equine Tapestry, Volume 1: Draft and Coaching Breeds, The Equine Tapestry: An Introduction to Colors and Patterns and Equine Collectibles Guides for Judges and Exhibitors 1: Common Breeds and Their Colors. Thanks, Carol!
A number of people have told me how much they covet Alaina Richardson's Bookshelf Barns props, so I've bundled three of the Gaming Sets together and am offering them as a group. One ticket wins them all. It doesn't get much better than that!
Of course, every model horse show raffle should include actual model horses, and the Jennifer Show is no exception. There will be a number of unpainted resins, including Karen Gerhardt's wonderful Roundabout...
We will also have some painted horses, including this custom Breyer Stablemate donated by Mandy Hood.
This is a joint project by Rikki Lyman and Mandy herself. Rikki customized the body, and Mandy gave him this wonderful blue roan paint job. 
 So cute! Thanks a million, Mandy!
Raffle tickets will be available for sale in the show hall only. Prices start at a dollar per ticket and get progressively cheaper with the number of tickets bought. There is no advance or official online purchasing option, but proxy purchases are welcome. Please check out the show's Facebook page to connect with potential ticket buyers.
One of these totes is in the raffle!
Thanks again to every single person who has supported our show. With your help, we really hope to make this the best show--with the best raffle!--ever.


  1. If I wasn't already insanely envious of everyone going to this show I certainly am now!

  2. Sorry I couldn't mail the cross country obstacle.

    1. That's not a raffle item. It's going to be one of the Reserve Overall Performance prizes!

  3. Must. Find. Proxy. Buyer. ��