Friday, September 23, 2016

TJS Other Performance, part one

Once the Rajahs had been given away, it was time to get down to business and start the show. 
In my mind, the Jennifer Show has always been a performance show with halter classes, so it's not surprise that I spent most of my day in the vicinity of the performance ring. The first class of the day a nice, three horse Pleasure Harness class. Sandy Sanderson's palomino placed third,
Niki Hertzog's Palouse was second... 
and top honors went to Tiffany Purdy's Ranger Dongle. 
Tiffany's entry also provided my first, and most controversial, dogspot of the day. Remember this picture. We'll be circling back to it later. 
Class two was Other Harness. There were five entries here, including two owned by Sandy which placed second and fourth.
I made these harnesses a million years ago. I could do better now, but they still look pretty good. 
Niki's Palouse came back, this time with a Dalmatian in tow. She placed third.
Ranger Dongle also made a return appearance and claimed another blue ribbon.
His Purdy pink marathon cart was made by Bill Duncan. I can't decide whether I love it or hate it.
Arabian costume was next.
There were seven horses in this class, including Teresa Buzzell's lovely Enzo in his hand-embroidered Cary Nelson costume. This entry placed third.
The winner was Hilary Schwafel's gorgeous Khemosabi resin, Khemolytic. 
Hilary is new to the performance ring, so Allie Davidson and Regan O'Keefe helped her celebrate the victory!
My presence was required elsewhere during the Native American Costume class, so the only picture I took was an across the show hall shot of performance judge, Sheila Bishop, making her selections.
I also missed most of the next class, Other Historical/Ethnic Costume. 
Fortunately, I was able to get back to performance land for the Other/Fun Costume class. Oh, how I loved every single entry in this class. Truly, these entries included all the things I love most about performance showing. Unicorn bridle? Check.
Fairy wings? Check. 
Chia pony? Check.
Horse head mask? Check. 
Horse head mask with horse mask boy? Double check! 
I honestly don't know how Sheila judged this class. I would have given them all first place! 
In the end, the second place honors went to Tiffany's ambitious 101 Dalmatians entry, which included a Creulla DeVille by Tiffany...
and dog ears, collar and matching saddle pad by Rachel Fail. 
Fabian Rodriguez won the class with his awesome puppet horse set-up. Fabian and I discussed this entry at his recent house party. He did a great job implementing all my suggestions, and I was delighted to see his efforts were rewarded.
By this point in the day, it was obvious that all the Jennifer Show competitors had brought their A-game. I've never seen so many awesome entries in Colorado, and the best was yet to come!


  1. I love seeing all the pictures! And you KNOW that pink cart is epic!

  2. Every entry is fantastic!! And I so love that sleigh... is it a Bill Duncan piece as well?

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures!! :D