Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alaina's TJS donations, part one

Ten years ago, Alaina Richardson's Bookshelf Barns was the number one name in model horse props.
I had just started showing again, and I could not get enough of Alaina's work. I would spend hours refreshing her eBay page, hoping to be the first to hit "Buy It Now" after each listing. I wasn't fast enough to get them all, but I got my share.
And every single one of my Bookshelf Barns props is as LSQ now as it was ten years ago.
Alaina's work is harder to come by these days, so I was absolutely delighted when she offered to send a big box of props to the Jennifer Show. It arrived today...
and I can not believe...
all the wonderful things... 
she sent! 
This trail bridge... 
is also a water box! 
These live show reference sheets are perfect for novice and experienced showers alike. 
And these gymkhana sets! 
Oh, how I love these!
Each set contains all the necessary props and documentation to create an interesting and unique gaming entry.
 As someone who has judged approximately three bazillion egg and spoon entries in the last five years, nothing makes me happier than encouraging variety in the games class!
This is by no means the entire contents of the box. I'm saving the bigger items for another day, when the light is better. Trust me, they deserve the best photos I can take! Thank you again, Alaina. Your talent is matched only by your generosity.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pay the pupper

Part of my "pay the piper" strategy was to complete two small custom orders today: a nameplate halter and a Western bridle. I was making steady progress on the former when I received a call from James. He and his friends were hanging out in the park, and they'd found a toothless, limping Yorkie. She was wearing shelter tags and they'd called that number, but the owner had yet to be located.

"Can you take care of her for us?" he asked.

Of course, I said yes.
The dog wasn't limping when she arrived, but she was, indeed, toothless. 
I introduced her to Darcy first...
then Emma.
I'd planned to keep her outside, but she was very unhappy there, so eventually I let her in. 
This made Darcy really happy.
After an hour or two, Darcy and I were both having fantasies of a three dog future. 
And then, just like that, the owner was located. Gracie went home, and I went back to work. 
I didn't manage to finish the bridle, but that's okay. Sometimes it's more important to play with the puppers than it is to pay the piper. I'll make that bridle tomorrow.

Paying the piper

I was feeling a wee bit sorry for myself for missing another BreyerFest, so I logged onto MH$P indulged in some retail therapy.
Less than an hour after the deal was done, something I really, really wanted came up for sale. Crap! I hemmed and hawed for a little bit, but eventually decided to buy that, too. The combined purchase prices, while reasonable, have exceeded the amount in my PayPal account. I don't like spending family funds on hobby purchases, so it's time to raise some money.
This brand new Western show halter is SOLD! Thanks for your interest.
Additionally, I have two Breyer Bobby Jo's for sale at $185.00 plus shipping each. Everything is first come, first serve. Send all inquiries to

Monday, June 27, 2016


My friend, Erin Corbett, gets blamed for a lot of hobby things, many of which she had nothing to do with.
That said, she is completely and entirely responsible for the lack of blog posts in the last forty eight hours.
Enjoy the tack, Erin, and good luck at NAN and BreyerFest!

Saturday, June 25, 2016


In recent weeks, our trails have been buried under a sea of wheat grass.
The grass is so high, I often feel like Brenda riding her Breyer across an un-mowed lawn. 
Scarlett is a Saddlebred. She's a nice, tall mare with a high head set...
but even she is swallowed by the grass.
It's slightly better down along the riverbed,
only slightly! 
 My allergies will be a lot happier when most of this grass goes away, but at least now I have the perfect photo documentation for trail ride entries with out of scale grass!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Donkey kong-a

While attending the Classic Classic earlier this year, I noticed an interesting donkey on Teresa Fedak's show table.
At first glance, this little guy looked like a Hagen Renaker Harry, but a side by side comparison revealed several significant differences.
I was immediately smitten, and took several pictures of him, including this one with a whole conga line of Adelaides and Harrys. 
 Since then, I've been on the lookout for my own little not-quite-Harry. It took a while, but I finally found one. He arrived while I was in California, and today is the first day I've really played with him.
Of course in my case, playing equals photography.
Side by side.
Eventually, he's going to need his own mama... 
but for now, this one will do.
I could play with these cuties all day but BreyerFest is coming and some people want bridles. I guess I should get back to work!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pastels, mountains

Sue's sculpting workshop wasn't the only event on Models in the Mountains' Friday schedule. Barrie Getz also led a discussion on painting with pastels.
I missed this because I was still pushing clay with Ryan, but I'm sure it was wonderful. 
The workshops lasted well into the evening.
Then, as the day drew to a close, a group of us headed out on a moonlit hike. 
We followed the same trail as last year, but it looked a lot different after nightfall. 
Fortunately, the moon was almost full, and it wasn't nearly as dark and spooky as it looks in my pictures.
The lights of Los Angeles glittered below us as we stood at the summit.
What a beautiful night!
The mountain part of Models in the Mountains is just as amazing as the model part. Thank you again, Corina, for sharing the mountains with us!