Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July horses, part three

I know that a lot of people dream of keeping their horse at home, but I love boarding stables. In particular, I love Kenlyn, where I've ridden for the last six and a half years. No matter what time of day I show up, there's always something interesting happening.
Remember Kenlyn Katrina
James and I just missed her birth in 2014. She's grown up a lot since then.
Aggie started her under saddle earlier this summer, and she's doing great. Good girl, Katrina!
On the other end of the age spectrum, here's Susan's Quarter Horse, Casper.
He is retired and loving every minute of it.
Thanks in part to me, Santana is not retired, but he is also a happy camper.
He wants you to know that Kylee used his nose as a painting reference for her rearing circus horse, Daring Douglas.
That's not surprising. It is, perhaps, the cutest horse nose ever.
Speaking of cute...
Look at these photos of Thunder and Chino. 
Oh, I love both of these sweet boys so much! 
I also love Lucy, who truly deserves a post of her own.
Soon, my pretty girl. I promise!
Boarding stables like Kenlyn are a gift that keeps on giving.
I can't wait to see what August will bring!

July horses, part two

Since I got back from BreyerFest, I've been riding the usual cast of characters: Santana,
and Lucy. 
I've also ridden Scarlett,
and Thunder, although now that his owner is back in the saddle, I'm riding him a lot less.
That's actually a good thing, because as much as I enjoy riding Thunder, I like riding with his owner even more!
Thanks to the beavers, the river bottom is still a swampy mess. I've been down there a couple times...
but mostly we've been staying up high where the footing is good...
and the critters...
are plentiful. 
Recently, I've been obsessed with stalking a litter of coyote puppies that have been roaming our trails. Most of the sightings...
have resulted in pictures that look like this...
but yesterday, my persistence was finally rewarded.
July has been a really great month for riding. 
I hope August is even half as good!

July horses, part one

Today I got up early and went to the barn. This is also what I did yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before that. In truth, except for the ten days around BreyerFest, I've spent most of July at the barn.

It's been a great month.

Not surprisingly, it's also been a month filled with photos. Today I'm sharing some of the best, starting with those featuring my niece, Lilie.
Lilie stayed with us for thirteen days, twelve of which were spent at the barn.
While she was here, Lilie rode seven different horses: Coco, Thunder, Chino, Olympia, Scarlett, G and Santana.
I've written about most of these rides already, but I would be remiss if I didn't post the pictures of Lilie on Scarlett...
and G.
Scarlett is a stereotypical red mare. She's dramatic, opinionated and can be a real handful under saddle. She's not a beginner's ride, but like a lot of good mares, she's different with kids. Mary Jo and I both knew she'd be fine for Lilie.
Sure enough, as soon as Lilie climbed aboard, Scarlett's eyes got soft and her steps careful.
She responded kindly to Lilie's aids and gave her a really nice, confidence-building ride.
What a great mare! 
About midway through Lilie's visit, she and I went on a trail ride with my friend, Aggie. I rode Santana bareback, and Lilie told us that she didn't think she could ever ride a horse without having her feet in the stirrups. Aggie took this as a personal challenge. Not only did Lilie ride Aggie's horse, G, without stirrups...
she did it at a trot!
 Way to go, Lilie!
Thank you so much to Aggie, Mary Jo, Therese, Claire, Karen, Tammi, Mindy and Sarah for sharing their wonderful horses with Lilie. You really made this summer special for her and me!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

World's smallest

I recently discovered the World's Smallest line of toys.
While I'm not convinced that these are, in fact, the world's smallest Gumby and Pokey, they are pleasingly tiny.
Especially Pokey.
He is so cute...
and also poseable!
I am trying to be good and not buy the entire World's Smallest toy line, but let's be honest: The My Little Ponies are inevitable. I don't know when and I don't know how, but eventually, they're going to happen.

Monday, July 29, 2019

The Black Stallion

For more than twenty years, Awesome Knight has been the cornerstone of Kenlyn Arabian's breeding program. 
His offspring have excelled in the show ring and on the trail and include multiple Tevis finishers.
He's a beautiful, gentle, storybook kind of stallion. 
No surprise, my niece, Lilie, fell head over heels in love with him while she was here. 
I wish she could have seen him a few days ago.
This normally kind horse was temporarily replaced by a Walter Farley type fury. I have no idea what got into him, but it was amazing. He looked so fierce.
He's almost thirty years old, so this didn't last very long. In fact, it was over almost as soon as it started.
Still, I'm really glad I got to see it. As much as I love Awesome's gentle nature, I was equally delighted with his Black Stallion display.
Stay wild, old man. Stay wild.