Saturday, August 31, 2019

August horses: Texas

All of this month's rides were good rides, but one was truly exceptional. This month's best and most memorable ride took place during my weekend trip to San Antonio, Texas.
I traveled to San Antonio to spend time with my best friend, Carol. 
Carol is not a horse person per se, but somehow we always seem to have the best horsey adventures together. During our stay in San Antonio, we fed (striped) horses
went to the racetrack...
and visited my friend and fellow hobbyist, Laura Skillern, and her horse, Simon.
Simon is awesome.
Officially named Splashed Crown, Simon is a five year old, dominant white Quarter Horse gelding. He was started by Casey Deary and was an open futurity horse for Jim McCutchen. Laura shows him in  reining and ranch horse versatility.
She asked me if I wanted to ride, and of course, I said yes. She warmed him up on the lunge line first...
then climbed aboard and showed off his moves. 
Midway through the ride, she leaned forward and removed his bridle.  
Simon continued on as if nothing had changed. Good boy, Simon.
Then it was my turn.
Laura let me start with the bridle. 
This was good, because she actually expected me ride a few spins. 
I'm kind of getting the hang of it here. 
It wasn't too long, however, before she took my bridle away. 
I was surprisingly okay with that.
Simon is a well trained horse with a super good whoa. 
I was very comfortable on him, with and without the bridle.
 Good boy, Simon.
That was so much fun! 
Thank you so much, Laura, for sharing your speckled boy with me.

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