Monday, August 26, 2019

The Jennifer visit

I have been a casting fool. In fact, I have cast so many ribbon medallions, my poor mold has finally pooped out. 
RIP first mold. You served me well.
This gave me a perfect excuse to drive up to Evergreen and spend some time with my friend and Jennifer Show co-host, Jennifer Scott. I picked up a new ribbon mold and got a first look at the Myr medallion. This will be paired with the Santana medallion and awarded to Sectional Champions and Reserve Champions.
While in the studio, I admired the big and little Anises...
and took a sneaky peek photo of the medallion Jenn is creating for the winners of the Jennifer Scott Class.
Mostly, however, we spent our time outside with the horses.
Miss Ivy is newly in foal and lovely as always.
New arrival, Indy, is one year old and full of personality.
Love her!
And since today is National Dog Day, here's a bonus picture of Jenn's "little" girl, Elsa.
Such a fun day!
And now, it's back to casting!

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