Friday, July 25, 2014

Matt the cowpony

I didn't bring any riding clothes with me when I packed for our road trip.

At the time, this seemed like a sensible decision.  Even through our itinerary included a lot of horsey stops, time constraints made the possibility of riding seem fairly remote.  Also, boots and helmets take up a lot of space.  It was easier to leave them at home.

Of course, this just about guaranteed that I would get to ride, and that's exactly what happened at the end of our day in Amarillo, Texas.
Andrea drove us out to the barn to meet her Quarter Horse gelding, Haidaseeker Playboy, who is better known as Matt the Cowpony.  Matt is quite possibly the only horse ever to simultaneously and successfully compete in FEI level dressage, reined cowhorse and competitive trail riding.
Andrea saddled him up and put him through his paces.
What a cool horse!
Then it was my turn.
We started quietly at the walk, 
moved up to a trot... 
 and progressed to the canter.
After that, things got real interesting...
With Andrea's coaching, I was able to guide Matt through a couple reining spins.
Oh my gosh, that was just about the most fun thing ever!
 "What a good great cowpony!"
I also got to do a little piaffe, but sadly, there's no photographic evidence.  Believe me when I say this was one of the best rides ever.  Thank you so much, Andrea, for sharing your wonderful Matt with me.  I will never leave home without my riding clothes again!  


  1. Spins are the funnest things EVER!

    1. The only thing "funner" than spins is spins and piaffe in the SAME RIDE!


  2. Green with envy that you got to ride Matt! He is such a cool horse. I loved following her blog, though she hasn't posted in a really long time.

  3. That is beyond awesome! To spin AND Piaffe is unimaginable.

  4. How cool! I'm a firm believer in having a well-rounded horse. My dressage gelding and I do free riding, liberty and trick work, bareback jumping, and lots more in addition to our usual training schedule!

    -Kelsey Roe

  5. Matt rules! Spinning looks so fun.

  6. Love Matt the Cowpony! I've been sad there haven't been any updates on his blog in a while--glad to see he's looking great!

  7. Matt the cowpony is amazing. I love reading his blog, but like Dragon said she hasn't posted in awhile.

  8. We were so glad to have you! And you take great photos, love them.

    Goodness I didn't realize that many folks read the blog. It HAS been a long time since I posted, I've been so busy. But we've been doing stuff....maybe I'd better start updating again.

  9. Matt The Cowpony is a very attractive little guy :) and obviously intelligent! Love the spinning shots!

  10. Wow, great horse!

  11. How cool! Maybe if you get to come through Arkansas again sometime for another visit, by then Bunny will be back in riding condition and you can give her a try too (although she doesn't have fancy moves like Matt the Cowpony.. yet).

  12. Matt is such a talented boy :)