Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The judges and the Jennifers

The only downside to assembling a blue ribbon panel of judges like the one we have assembled for the Jennifer Show is this: Judges aren't allowed to judge their own work. When you hire this many of the hobby's top artists, there are potentially a lot of really nice models that need to be left at home.
Jenn and I don't want any of the really nice models to be left at home.

To that end, we've gone out of our way to make sure that every single artisan produced model has a place to compete at the Jennifer Show.
With the exception of the Amateur Artist division, all our halter classes are double judged. There's one judge for Breed and another for Workmanship. Models sculpted and/or painted by the judge won't be eligible for ribbons in that judge's division. However, they can still compete under the other judge.
Judges Shane Landbauer and Amanda Brock at Super-CALI-Fragilistic Live, which was also double judged
Also, we have Judges' Classes.

Each day during the lunch break, we will ask the exhibitors to bring up their horses for the Judges and Jennifers classes. These can be horses that were sculpted or painted by the judge or Jennifer. 
Kylee Parks with all the Tadpoles at Super-CALI-Fragilistic Live
Medium doesn't matter. If you want to show your Sarah or Melanie Breyers that's fine. 
Breyer's Croi Damhsa sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
Medallions are fair game...
Kylee Parks' Annabelle medallion painted by Jennifer Buxton
And so is tack.
Tiffany Purdy's Braymere saddle collection circa 2010
The winners of these classes will receive Jennifer Show medallion ribbons, and whatever else the judge/Jennifer sees fit to award. 
Prizes for the Melanie Miller class
The Kylee Parks' Class will have two sections, one for full body models and one for medallions. And just look at what the winners will receive!
Oh, how I wish I could show at the Jennifer Show!
I can not speak for the other judges and Jennifer, but I hope that people entering the Jennifer Buxton class will bring not just tack, but also a sense of humor and maybe a pony or two. 
The Jennifer Show is less than three weeks away. I can not wait!


  1. Um excuse me, that pony medallion is ADORBS!

  2. Please post ALL the pictures from the Jennifer show. I can't make it, but I can hardly wait for all the photos!

    1. I will try. History tells me that I will be super exhausted and burned out in the weeks following the show, but I will try...

  3. Perhaps you can have a designated photographer lined up. This show will be awesome!! I so wish I could be there...

    1. I do have an extra camera and am planning to assign a volunteer to cover the halter tables for me. The pictures will definitely be taken. I can't promise they'll be edited and posted in a timely manner, but I will do my best.

  4. A new entry on my bucket list just has to be - going to the Jennifers Show. Not because my name is Jennifer too, but just to see first hand all the drop dead fabulous entries. (To self: Renew your passport soonest, dingbat!)