Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kenlyn Potluck and Dressage Exhibition

All summer long, Sarah's young students have been preparing for a dressage schooling show at Triple Creek Ranch in Longmont, Colorado. They were ready.
Unfortunately, a statewide Vesicular Stomatitis outbreak caused that show to be cancelled. The kids were terribly disappointed, but Sarah is resourceful. Instead of taking the kids to a show, she took the show to Kenlyn. 
Yesterday, was the first ever Kenlyn Potluck and Fun Dressage Show/Exhibition. 
All the elements of a real show were present: ribbons,
pony rides,
and lots of cameras...
and an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.
Each kid...
a test...
or two.
Some adults rode as well.
This was Becca and Flynn's dressage debut.
They killed it!
All the horses were really good...
and all the riders had a good time. 
This was such a fun day.
Thank you, Sarah, for making lemons out of lemonade.
Let's do it again sometime!

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