Monday, August 19, 2019

I love it

Last month, I judged the Scene Divisions at the BreyerFest Children's and Youth Shows. The classes were big and competitive, and I fell in love with solidly half the entries. In a perfect world, I would have awarded multiple blue ribbons, but this was BreyerFest. Tough decisions had to be made.

My top choice in the Youth Show Realistic Scene class was this live show entry.
The Disney trolley placed second...
and The Man From Snowy River was third.
This cute pony entry placed several slots lower.
It was a well documented, highly personal entry, and I absolutely loved it. I wanted so much to give it a better placing, but this is the way things go at big shows. Tough decisions have to be made, and a lot of really great entries are going to be left out of the top prizes.
The Jennifer Show is going to be a really tough show, and we're only placing classes to fourth. Jenn and I both know that our judges are going to face some impossible decisions, so we decided to make things just a little easier for them.
This is the Love medallion. It's a portrait of Jenn's heart horse, Ivy.
In addition to the Jennifer Show ribbons, the judges will also have a stockpile of Loves to distribute. These will be given to entries that they love, regardless of how they place.
Happily, the Jennifers will also be giving out Loves. Be sure to bring your hunter braided horses, fuzzy ponies and ridiculous performance entries. I am ready to show them my Love!


  1. Your Love medallion idea is an incredibly sweet gesture!

  2. I really like how you are bucking tradition to bring a more inclusive feel to your show. Not that I know anything about this hobby, but after trolling the last eleven years, I feel like I understand you, like a reader understands her/his protagonist. Anyway GOOD on you for being open and inclusive.