Thursday, August 29, 2019

More ponies, more planes

The Jennifer Show Facebook page has become a great resource, not just for the show itself but for all destination shows everywhere. There's been a lot of information exchanged about a lot of topics, but most notably, packing. Everyone wants to know how to travel safely with their models. It's a topic we've discussed here before, but everyone's method is just a little bit different. Here's how Stephanie Blaylock packs her ponies for air travel.

Flying with My Show String

by Stephanie Blaylock

How do I get fifty minis on the plane? Here ya go... 
I bought these tool kits at Lowe’s Hardware for less than twenty dollars each. One is a little deeper than the other. They are pretty sturdy and have already flown to several shows.
The resins go in one.
Customs and micro minis go in the other. 
I wrap each model in natural batting felt, then use cute fabrics cut with pinking shears to wrap over that. This makes a nice little protective wrap that doesn’t move around when the models are placed together.
I can actually stack both tool kits in one suitcase, with just enough room to squeeze in tee shirts, socks, etc.
Here's something else Stephanie will be bringing to Colorado in two weeks. This gorgeous medallion is her donation to the Jennifer Show. Look for it in the raffle. 
Thank you so much, Stephanie! I can't wait to see you and all your tiny horses!

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