Monday, August 12, 2019

The Jennifer Show Performance class

The Jennifer Show is a big prize show. Between goody bag prizes, door prizes, raffle prizes, class prizes and championship prizes, it is our hope that everyone will go home a whole collection of Jennifer Show things.
Just a tiny portion of this year's prize pool!
The Jennifer Show Performance class is the last performance class of the show. When I first conceived it, the idea was that competitors would use their prizes to create an entry on the fly.
One of Sandy Sanderson's 2016 Jennifer Show entries using a breastcollar she'd won that day
I still like that idea. However, I've seen the entrants list. The competition is going to be absolutely brutal, and it's possible that some people won't win enough things to make this work.
Just a tiny portion of this year's performance showerrs
That's okay. I have another idea. 

One of the entrants at Kylee Parks' fabulous Super-CALI-Fragilistic Live included the Super-CALI logo on her trail standards. I thought that was pretty cool.

If someone wants to do something like this for the Jennifer Show Performance class, that would be awesome. After all, we have a great logo.
If that still doesn't work, there's always the Leah Koerper approach.
Whatever way you choose to go, make it big, make it fun and make it memorable. Make it the Jennifer Show!

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