Friday, August 23, 2019

Nichelle's TJS donation

In addition to being one of my all time favorite bloggers, Nichelle Jones is also one of my all time favorite tack makers. 
I have so many more now...
I met Nichelle for the first time this year at BreyerWest. In fact, I stood in line outside the swap meet for almost an hour to make sure I could get first shot at her goodies.
It worked! I came home with one,
three stable blankets... 
and a set of pommel and saddle bags. 
Even after I'd made my purchases, I kept an eye on her table. There were a few things left unsold at the end of the evening, and I swooped in like the scavenger I am. I asked Nichelle if she would sell the leftovers to the Jennifer Show at a discounted price. She would, so that's how these three items found their way into the Jennifer Show prize pool.

But that's not all. I also asked Nichelle if she would make a dinosaur blanket for the Dinosaur Performance class. She went one better and made a blanket with a hood. It arrived yesterday and it is amazing.
My pictures, however, are not, so here's one by Nichelle that shows it off a lot better.
So cool!
Thank you, Nichelle, for the blanket... and everything else!

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  1. Ah, you are so lucky. She is indeed amazing. Is that a water bottle I spy in the saddlebags?!